487 Vermillion Rupture [Pt 2]

Desgarion realized that it was too late to stop the self-sufficient arrow of energy.

The surrounding Miasma wasn't dense enough to combat the raging power of the Spell. His best hope was none other than retreat.

'I have to get away!'

He wasn't conceited enough to attempt risking it all by tanking such an attack.

Sure, he loved violence, but Desgarion was averse to recklessness.

He had a long way to go, and a peak to attain. Certainly, he wasn't planning on killing himself.

"What are you thinking?" The human's voice caused Desgarion to flinch a bit.

He was floating above, but Desgarion felt like their distance was farther than what normal sight could perceive.

Which was why he had to live and become stronger.

"I already set a barrier around this place while calculating the area of impact. You can't escape."

Desgarion heard those words but did not pay them any heed.

If there was truly a barrier, he would shatter it and make his escape.


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