207 Unofficial Ranker

Choking, unbearable silence filled the auditorium.

The piercing gazes of everyone, and I mean everyone, washed over me.

I saw some people rushing in from the corner of my eyes. They wore white and had masks on. They were four, and behind them was a cart. Instinctively, I realized who they were and what they came for.

My eyes darted to the shattered ground, at the brutalized body of a senior, and a Ranker at that… Richard Novo.

'So they came to take him away, uh?' I reasoned.

It was probably the right call to make, but the very thought made me incredibly annoyed. If they had medical personnel on standby, why had none of them arrived when Jerry was in such a terrible state?

So, the disparity between Classes was even more than just academics? This had gone too far.

My head was raised, and I shot the judges a disgusted look. Sitting up there, they hadn't interfered in the matches so far, even when someone was about to die… or maybe they had.


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