118 Tragedy

Zakiel's Familiar, The Truth-Seeking Seer, was not an offensive one.

It was this Familiar's magic that allowed him to see the future through visions. In essence, despite its non-aggressive nature, it was still an extremely useful Familiar to have.

This was what had given him the name and prestige he had now. In exchange for offensive capabilities, he got the invincible power to peer into the future… except that of himself!

But now, he didn't need such a power. What he needed was to use brute force to decimate his target. Unfortunately, no such option existed for him.

"Die… now…" The Demon muttered in its language and launched its sharpened blade towards Zakiel.

"[I-intermediate Lightning Barrier]" Zakiel chanted in reflex.

Thanks to the special effects of his Magic Tools, this Spell's ability was enhanced. So not only did the Spell go into effect, but the automatic defensive charm he wore on his ring finger also activated, creating an extra barrier.


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