397 The Celestial War [Pt 2]

The Alliance never stopped their efforts to end the Demons.

However, with the Hero Party absent, both sides eventually drew a stalemate.

As a result, it bought us enough time to traverse the world.

How and when we discovered the Arcana is a tale for another time, but our Party ventured into the most amazing and deadly places in our search for an alternative.

As a result, after a year elapsed, we were able to find three.

And, of those three… I was able to obtain the perfect catalyst for my Miasma Generator.

"The Devil."

An ominous Arcana that only I could wield without being absolutely corrupted—thanks to my Inept Status.

Also, while I didn't discover it until a pivotal point in my life, Karlia's Original Magic [Dual Cultivation], actually had an effect on me.

My body's physiology had been slowly altered thanks to copulation between myself and a Demon such as her.

We did it so many times, so the change ran deep—until it became irreversible.


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