36 Survival

Pale skin. Trembling form. Emaciated body. Strained breaths. Bloodshot eyes. Uncontrollable itching. Shriveling muscles. Unimaginable pain… that was what Liliana was constantly experiencing.

Her very cells popped and burst into tiny fireworks within her body due to the uncontrollable mana that was running amok inside her body.

I estimated that within a few minutes, she would die. Yet, here she was… begging for mercy.

"No!" I flatly responded.

The reason behind my judgment was simple. I couldn't trust her. Anyone would do whatever they could to get out of dying, she wasn't an exception.

Besides, her employer was certainly a cautious and intelligent man. I doubt she had any valuable information about him, to begin with.

"You're merely a pawn… and I'm in this game for the long haul. I won't risk ruining the whole game because of you." I said, now turning away from her.


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