197 Staying Resolute

"What?" The girl—Ciara Epilson—gave a slight look of irritation to the moderator who in turn also gave her a piercing gaze.

The slight flicker in her eyes seemed to be inviting some form of trouble, as though she was daring the man who was teetering at the edge of impatience and caution.

A second of silence was established between the both of them before the girl finally lost any will to further an argument and quickly calmed herself.

"I think that's enough, don't you think?" Klaus sharply answered, though in a remotely quiet way—almost as though he was whispering.



Following their short exchange, Roy crumpled to the floor, happy to have been saved, and the crowd roared in celebration, having the outstanding match etched in their brains forever!

Of course, it went without saying who the victor was.

"Winner, Ciara Epilson!" Klaus declared.

That was one more win for the Upper Class, making a total of seven victories.


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