211 Solitude

I sat in silence, enjoying the sense of solitude that enveloped me.

After being with so many people for so long, I rarely had moments like this to myself. Still, it was an enjoyable afternoon in the Oasis, a haven from outside visitors. It was the perfect spot for me!

"Looks like you're not worried at all." A voice suddenly appeared, shaking me to my core.

"Argh!" I squeaked a little, showing my surprise.

For someone to interrupt me when I was so deep in my thoughts and calm… how brazen could they be? I couldn't even sense the perpetrator, so it was most likely someone strong.

"When you react that way, you look so cute." The voice was right in front of me now, and it would be foolish of me not to have recognized who the owner was after hearing it for the second time.

"Professor Neron…" I opened my eyes to stare at the calm-looking, handsome man.


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