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At first when I started reading this novel, I was going in blind, sort off. Only glossed over the synopsis and was interesting enough so I started to read. I was surprised about the subtle plot twists and turns, it betrayed every expectation I had, truly a nice surprise. What I like most about this novel is the suspension, it really held me on the edge of my seat. The MC is also very smart and calculating, another plus. As I'm writing this review from chapter 42, I'm curious to see how this story develops. Anyways author-san, keep up the good work!

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After clocking over three hundred chapters, I will be giving my novel a Review. Firstly, I would like to say that while I am the author, my opinions on this book isn’t just based on bias. It’s a wonderful and interesting story. I have received a few criticisms, of which I will be addressing here. As readers, you should also be prepared to see these factors. So that you’re not caught off guard, let me explain a few things. [Sp0iler Alert] *Some things mentioned may contain mild sp0ilers* Firstly; The MC acts like a kid even though he’s supposed to be an old sage internally. Secondly; The Academy Arc makes no sense because of how Mc is treated despite being of nobility Thirdly; Cliche routes like Demons and Academy being implemented Fourthly; The reasons behind some of Mc’s seemingly risky/immature actions Lastly; The story’s progression To answer those major criticisms, I have made this Review. Answer 1: If you’ve ever watched Black Clover, or some similar Anime, you tend to notice some old personalities who act immature at times. An example is Julius Novachrono. Thanks to his love of Magic, and his goofy personality, he acts like a child sometimes. However, no one can deny how epic he is when he needs to be. That’s exactly the same as the MC. If you’re patient enough and just accept this aspect of him, you’ll love his character more He’s meant to be more relatable and expressive. Don’t expect an ‘Ayanokoji’ for the MC He behaves childish sometimes, but he really isn’t. Those who have gone further in the story (especially the third arc) can testify to this. Answer 2: Ainzlark Academy is purely meritocratic Even the Prince of the Kingdom attends, and the only reason he’s regarded well is because of his talent for Magic. The MC’s path to success isn’t known by anyone, so they would naturally ostracize him by their standards But, it isn’t permanent, so please… don’t get too annoyed. Answer 3: This novel may seem cliche from the start, but it’s nothing like that at all. Some argue that the Academy was unnecessary, but that’s a lie. If you read the story well, you’ll understand why I went down that route. As for Demons, it’s not as simple as many works have depicted their existence. Again, you need to read the story to find out. Answer 4: The MC is very smart. If you’ve reached the third arc, you’ll understand this perfectly well. Even from the first arc, you begin to see traces of his intelligence. Not just Magic, but strategy and knowledge in other fields. But, some of his actions may seem a little off. Please do not impulsively judge Many people dropped the book at first arc because they were too stuck up with their belief of the MC Unknown to many, in the third arc, the MC explains the rationale behind his seemingly rash action. Everything the MC does has a reason. I don’t mean he’s perfect and he’s always right. But… he’s not stupid. Answer 5: At some point, I changed the POV. Criticisms appeared because I didn’t focus on the MC for some chapters. But, please understand that he’s not the only important person in the story. Other important characters will be introduced. I certainly hope you enjoy this story. Cheers


Five Star review here, and this isn't me being shameless. I've written quite a few books, but none are like this one. You'll understand once you've read the first few chapters. The story gets many surprising twists and turns, and it isn't your usual Overpowered Mc novel. Trust me on this, this story is definitely worth your time.


So far up until chapter 70+ while he is starting in the academy the story seems interesting. The concept is quite good yet I have a few concerns. The fact that this was reincarnation after being regarded as a "Grandmaster scholar" of some sort you would think that he should have the knowledge needed to exceed every one. The fact that he became like that before reincarnation should entail that he should have at least the ability to increase his white core among other things. Frankly, his having the knowledge of the past even as a "Grandmaster scholar" shows no particular big advantage to him and to the story. With his knowledge of the past he should have exceeded every kid in the academy but it was basically not the case in the story. I see no point of him being that "grandmaster scholar" in his previous life since the story would be no different if he was a simple scholar. Another one is the pattern of the story. To be honest, it was quite predictable. Its full of a sort of down path (the challenges for the MC) when in a good story it goes like rise before going down. In here, he basically experience continous challenges that seems too annoying since the world doesnt work that way no matter how fictional it may be there will always be a "good or awesome even or encounter" so to speak.


Okay. At the time I write this review, the first arc has been concluded. So far, the storyline and character developments are in their early phase, but remain solid nonetheless. The MC is a very clever person, kind to his family and allies, but has no qualms in eliminating any threats. He has the tendency to focus too much on magic and is sometimes self-centered, but I can guarantee that he's not a selfish and evil person. He's ambitious and tenacious. He's skilled, but not conceited. Most of all, he's human, so he's not perfect. I hope you all enjoy this novel as much as I loved writing it. Thanks, everyone.


It doesn't make sense that the MC is the heir of the duke family but is insulted like an ordinary person or a low-ranking noble. And it doesn't matter if his family can't use magic because they should have their own people. The supervisor shouldn't have that kind of power. But the rest of the storyline is very good. PS.The characters are a little too young. (English is not my primary language.)


the story really has potential theres no grammar mistakes so its a smooth read, theres actual logic and reasoning behind how he uses his magic and combines spells etc. im writing this review at chap 31 so obviously there hasnt been a lot of progress but i do hope for more interactions with other characters who are also (hopefully) well written. for the other characters i mean not just dickriders also people who dislike him/ have business with him etc. overall grat potential def give it a read and i hope the updates keep coming steady


This novel was so good that I wanted to use an aggregator site, however I couldn't find it on any of them, good novel, 10/10 would recommend.


pros( for me ).~ chapters are short ~ magic is better discussed ~it manage to pull something beyond my prediction ~world background and story development is good.cons( for me)~ relationships are too realistic and i don't like realistic love, ana claim she love jarad but still kissed other guy. i was hoping she won't end up with him and thankfully it didn't .~ characters are somewhat poorly written ~power scaling is too bad.


I don’t like the mc personality, I liked Julius and is one of my favorite characters but I guess it only worked for me as although he has made an impact on the story it was because he wasn’t the main focus of the story unlike the mc who is the main focus as he is the mc. Although I dropped it I recommend reading up to the first arc to see if you like it


Author, so far i'm at chapter 10 and paused my reading because before I continue, I wanna know if there will be any romance or not. You see in recent weeks i start reading romance novels and fell in love with it. So i will be grateful for your confirmation.


I have read up to chapter 89 and the book has been enjoyable so far. My only issue is the main characters personality which sometimes breaks the immersion for me. As a grand sage in his previous life, I had some expectation that his personality would not be so childish. I can understand his overtly excited and emotional behaviour when it comes to magic, as that is the one things he loves the most, but whenever I read this novel it feels like the Mc should be a normal boy from earth who reincarnated into a magical world with modern science knowledge. Aside from when the author reminds us of his previous life as a old grand sage I always see the Mc as a normal kid. His interactions with other people whether they be adults or kids his age have no semblance of a reincarnated sage. And whenever the contrast does appear it breaks my immersion which is a bit annoying. In my opinion this novel would be much better if the Mc was either a normal child with some lucky encounters or a magic loving human from earth. If you can look past that issue then this novel is well written and fun to read.


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1 of the only 2 novels i got interested in webnovel currently even spending my coins to unlock the chapters, just finish reading chapter 158, this is awesome, and i hope the story will progress to be more and more exciting to read.


Awesome novel, Author!! Keep it up❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🤧🌝😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


fml yandere? ..................................................................................................................................................................................................


I want to give a 5-star review but I decided not to. I'm afraid the author would be distracted causing delayed chapters.


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This is probably a very good story and such, but I've read so many of these types of stories that I'm kinda up to my limit. And when I find one like this, which seems very promising, I can't really make myself try it. Maybe I'll come back to this, I'll add it to library I guess, but I feel like its just one of those usual mage reincarnation stories, and though I'm pretty sure I'm wrong, I can't do nothing about it. From what I've seen of the reviews, you've written quite a good book, so I might as well compliment you for that. Good day.