31 Revelation (Pt 2)

[The Present]

"I heard it all, Liliana… if that's even your real name." I smiled and watched the maid's head rise slowly.

"That's too bad, then…" She said, and slowly morphed from a kind and gentle tone to a more twisted one.

She lifted her head and smiled sinisterly at me, then widened her eyes to make a sick expression.

"… I was going to make your death as sweet and painless as possible since you have been such a nice kid. But it appears I'll have to change my plans." Liliana said as she licked her lips.

Who was she kidding? This was probably more preferable to her since she could kill me in the most gruesome way allowed by her mission.

'I know her type… and they are plain crazy!'

Liliana, who had previously taken steps back in retreat, now slowly started to advance towards me. As she did so, I took slow steps backward too. I didn't want her anywhere close to me.

"You're not as nice as I thought, Jared. Sneaking up on people, eavesdropping on them, teasing this kind maid with wine and threats… and now running away from me. How mean you are, young master. I'm truly hurt." She said in a mocking tone.

Her intense gaze told me otherwise though. She was clearly enjoying the thrill.

"Haha, is that so?" I answered, a little nervous.

"You fool. You should have just kept quiet about the whole thing. If you had done that, instead of acting all cocky and running your mouth, then maybe you could have lived to see tomorrow."

Okay, this was getting too much. I couldn't hold it in anymore!

"Pfft…. Hehehe, hahaha!" I bust out laughing, as I halted my backward movement.

My sudden reaction to her words puzzled Liliana as she stared at me in surprise.

"What's so funny, brat? You're going to die now, you know?" She gave me a smile, most likely wondering if I had gone insane from the idea of losing my life at such a young age.

"Oh, no… no, it's not that… It's just, you said something funny just now…" I said, still chuckling.

My amusement was clearly not funny to Liliana as she gave me a deep glare, and started emitting bloodlust. I endured the murderous aura she gave off, and ceased my laughter.

"What are you talking about?!" She asked, her wide eyes staring at me condescendingly.

My lips curled in a wide grin as I defiantly looked into the maid's, now turned assassin's eyes.

"It's funny that you think I merely 'stumbled' upon your conversation with that employer of yours."

Upon hearing this, Liliana froze in her approach to me and stared suspiciously.

"What the hell are you saying?" She asked with an intimidating tone.

"It's so simple, really. I have been watching you for some time now, Liliana. Ever since the party started, no, even before then. You were always a suspect in my book."

My words were already pissing her off, I could see it. She clenched her teeth and glared at me.

"I've had enough of your nonsense. You're just stalling for time, so it's best if you just die, right now!"

Making her move to kill me off, Liliana strengthened her legs and judging from the cracks that appeared on the ground, she was building up phenomenal speed that would be enough to kill me off before I could manage a reaction.

"Just d-die!"

As I heard this, my already wide grin grew wider.


She dashed towards me, moving with the wind as a needle appeared in her finger so she could deal a fatal hit to me. Unfortunately for my assassin though… it was the end of the line.

Her body suddenly stopped moving, mere inches from me. The needle she pointed towards me was close to piercing my skin. It was a good thing she had been stopped early enough.

"W-what is… thisss…?!" The maid asked, as she felt a strange sensation course through her.

"It's about time… it appears my calculations were spot-on," I muttered, moving away from her front and moving to her side.

"I… can't… m-move….?!" She stuttered, as she even struggled to speak.

Her eyes glared hatefully at me, with both suspicion and a hint of fear.

"Of course. And that's a good thing. I would be dead otherwise." I answered.

"Y-you did this? What… did you… do…?!"

Finally, she was asking the right question.

"Welp, now the answer to that is quite interesting. But first, let's put it this away." I said, taking a hold of the needle she was gripping tightly. Her fingers became loose at the touch of my hand without any resistance, and I was able to obtain her killing instrument.

"I'm certain you have more on you, but there's no need to strip you of any other weapon. You won't be able to use them, anyway." I stated.

"Y-you…." Liliana growled.

"The answer can be found in the wine you just consumed," I answered, taking the cup she held in her second hand.

I placed both needle and wine glass on the ground while I stared at her amusedly. The expression of shock on her face was second to none.

"That's right. I already drugged it. Did you really think I would confront you without a countermeasure? The chemicals in the wine induce paralysis, though they only take effect when rapid action is taken and your muscles are in a state of excitement."

This would make the muscles tense up, causing the drugs to harden said muscles and ensure the one who consumed it became numb.

"H-how did you get such a drug? You didn't even know I was an assassin until moments ago. There's no way to procure a paralytic drug from anywhere around here. I checked…" Liliana said, still not believing my words.

"You're right. There's no way to get a paralytic drug around. Plus, with my age and the constant supervision of everyone around, it's not like I can make shady deals to obtain a drug. That's why I didn't 'get' it. The drug that's currently having effecting you… I made it!" My voice rang in her ears as I condescendingly smiled at her.

"I-impossible!" She spat in disdain.

"It's true though. It took some time, but the efforts were well worth it…" I grinned.

"B-but, that is… you couldn't have…" Liliana still failed to grasp what I was getting at.

"And there's one final thing you're wrong about… Concerning your plans to assassinate me, I've known about it for some time now. You and your employer… both played directly into my hands!" A dark gleam showed in my eyes.

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