172 Rematch (Pt 2)

"Now, then… enough talk. Let's fight!"

With Edward's resolute words and determined eyes, he prepared his legs to move while keeping his sight on his target.

Eben Lustriel sighed, taking deep breaths to restore his energy—at least the tiny vestiges that remained—while strengthening himself with Mana.

If an ordinary swordsman had used the Swallow God Sword Techniques, he would have collapsed from exhaustion by now. However, thanks to the miraculous effects of Mana and strengthening Magic, Eben could keep on fighting.

I predicted that the adversary of my pupil had more Mana reserves compared to Edward, and could most likely control his Mana better. In a battle solely based on those factors, it was certain who the victor would be.

If they kept exchanging blows at this rate, their power would be on par, and it was going to end up a battle of attrition.

'If you want to turn this around, Edward… you had better get serious!'


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