204 Ranker Versus 'Trash'

"Hey, brat! Who do you think you are? Are you sure you want to do this?"

The first to speak among the two fighters was Richard Novo.

After attacking Jared and failing in that venture, he promptly retreated to the air where he resumed his position. To some, it might have seemed like Richard had simply controlled himself and chosen not to attack the young First Year anymore. But to those with keener eyes, it was obvious that Richard was flustered and had chosen to make a tactical retreat.

In essence, the undisputedly superior Ranker had just run away from a Lower Class noob!

"The emptiest barrels make the loudest noises."

Jared's calm words shook Richard where he was. He, who was already agitated by the fact that he couldn't get his prey the first time, was now filled with more fury.

Richard's bloodshot eyes murderously glared at Jared.

"Know your place… YOU BRAT!"


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