210 Obsession

Ciara Epilson stood stiffly, as she stared at the body of the boy who was deeply asleep.

Other than the gentle movement of her hands which stroked his cheeks, and the curling of her lustrous lips, the girl could have been mistaken for a statue.

Her eyes fervently, without blinking even once, trailed the boy's body. She observed his even breaths, how his chest puffed and deflated as air seeped into them and was released, how he had a peaceful face… a sharp contrast to the pain that dwelled within.

"You big dummy…" She finally uttered words.

Her voice was smooth, low, and had a hint of affection.

Despite the prideful and cold way she addressed Jerry in public, now that it was just the two of them… well, just her… she seemed awfully caring.

Her eyes showed pity, and something else hidden behind them.

"… You could have just given up. Though, I guess I should have seen this coming…" Ciara's voice trailed.

She sighed a bit in frustration.


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