198 Jerry's Battle

It was finally time for the last round.

Jerry could feel sweat pour out of all his pores as he gulped silently. He didn't need any list to tell him that it would be his turn next.

Having exhausted all other participants, who else remained.

He also had a fair idea of who his two opponents would be.

The Middle Class student was no issue, so the major challenge—the one that gave the determined boy such a headache—was none other than the Upper-Class opponent he would be fighting.

'I can't back down now!' He steeled his face and glanced at the list stationed above the audience.

[Final Round]

— Richard Novo (Upper Class)

—Renner Lebrious (Middle Class)

— Jerry Keller (Lower Class)

[Contestants Get On Stage!]

His tensed muscles moved as he got up, moving his legs as he descended the stairs.

The others trailed behind him, and Jerry could feel their dominating presence —the one at the rear was the most intimidating!


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