244 Intellectual Brilliance


I was very confused at the moment.

Kuzon, who showed up out of nowhere, and now Ciara Epilson. Both had causal demeanors, and the latter just said something I had never expected.

"Where's Jerry?"


I nearly screamed, but controlled myself instead.

Even after spotting the disaster going on in school, how could these students act this way? I already knew that they weren't normal, but…

'And what's with that outfit?' My eyes sharply took in the enchanted clothing she had on.

The black bodysuit was made quite shabbily—I could tell that an amateur was the one who designed it. However, the power it held was the real deal.

'Did she make it herself? She's quite skilled then.'

And the effects of the suit were good too. I could tell, seeing that I was quite interested in that field.

"Hey, didn't you hear me? I said where's—"

The girl must have either failed to notice my surprised expression, or simply didn't care. She just kept pressing me for an answer.


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