409 Immense Potential

A Special Grade Mana Core stood at the very peak of all Mana Cores.

Unfortunately, it wasn't for everyone.

Only special individuals born with a special affinity for Mana could have it—and it was from birth.

Life was unfair like that.

While some were born as Inepts, possessing not a single fragment of Mana—others had the ultimate Magic Cheat.

Individuals with Special Grade Mana Cores were meant to be unparalleled in Magic—achieving exploits at an early age.

Yet… there existed one right in front of me that was hardly developed.

'Just what were you doing for 400 years, Lemi?' I nearly sighed in exasperation.

Even among Elves, Special Grade Mana Cores were rare, so Lemi was immensely blessed with talent.

Her potential was immense.

Yet, she'd had hardly cultivated it.

'Haaa… this girl…'

Still, because it was a Special Grade Mana Core, it had been able to survive against the Miasma surrounding it for so long.

Weaker Mana Cores would have been destroyed a while ago.


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