205 Elemental Chamber


It was a sight so unreal that everyone gave gasps of surprise… and horror!

The air vibrated and deafening roars pervaded the hall. The only other event that could be compared to the phenomenon that was currently taking place was Ciara Epilson's match. It was like the elements themselves unified… and gathered over one person…

… Jared Leonard!


A sphere of wind covered my entire body, swirling and whirling so violently that it could skewer anything that attempted to pierce through. This served as both an offensive and defensive ability.

This was only the beginning, though…

Bursts of water appeared, swirling diagonally from my right to my left, while blazing flames diagonally stretched from my left to my right. They crisscrossed around the sphere intersecting at the center, sending both heat and cold radiating everywhere.


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