163 Disparity

"Do you not want to surrender?"

This question seemed to play within the mind of Edward's nervous new challenger. A hint of hesitation showed on the boy's face, but soon after, it disappeared entirely.

"N-no! You may be stronger than me… and you are most likely going to win this match, but how can I call myself a man if I don't face you with everything I've got!"

His response seemed to strike a chord within Edward.

"I've come this far! I might as well see things through to the bitter end!"

Edward smiled upon hearing the boy's statement. It was most likely as a result of kindred spirits resonating with each other, due to their similar ideals.

"Very well. Come, Xavier! I shall fight you as a warrior and a man!"

I rolled my eyes at the sight. Only an idiot like Edward would appreciate pointlessly fighting once loss was inevitable. I only saw it as foolishness.


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