202 Dilemma

Klaus Tallman, the moderator of the Exchange, was still dazed when Jared turned in his direction.

The boy's eyes were full of a gleam that didn't belong to a child. With a resolute voice that made even the moderator a little nervous, the first year student spoke.

"I'll take it from here!"

Klaus was puzzled by the boy's statement. So much so, that it took him a moment to decipher his words despite how sharp the man normally was.

'Take over? Does he mean…?'

Before Klaus could complete his thoughts, however, an irritating sound filled the air.

"What are you doing, little brat? Have you no manners? Two seniors are fighting here, so scram!"

The person who bellowed was Richard Novo. His obsessive smile flashed, as his narrowed eyes glared at Jared. A part of him wanted to crush the defiant boy, so he had to quickly send him out of the stage before his urges took over.


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