99 Amazed

Neron's eyes immediately grew wider, as they nearly popped out of their sockets, in shock… or so I would have loved to say.

Unfortunately, that was not the case at all, as the man merely let out a broad grin in response to my similar expression. I could see a hint of curiosity in his eyes, but he remained calm even at this moment.

"Oh?" Was all that proceeded to come out of his lips.

"It's amazing, isn't it? A white Core Grade at such an age. And you were able to become a Professor even with that kind of Mana Core… you're truly special, aren't you?"

My tone sounded daring, but I needed to do this much so that I wouldn't seem like a total pushover or a snotty little brat.

"Hmm. Is that what you think?" Neron asked, his face showing what I could only conclude to be slight disappointment.

He wasn't satisfied with my comment just now. And of course, I knew why. I had predicted all of this, so I didn't intend on stopping here.


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