39 [Bonus chapter] Darkness

There are countless stories that were passed down from the times of old.

Tales of mysteries that have yet to be deciphered. Legends of beings that have long since existed and defy imagination.

Of these many tales, one of them has always been embedded into the hearts of men. The Celestial War.

In a world of magic and swords, the natural and the supernatural, there were bound to be concepts of gods and demons.

Where there is light, there is bound to be darkness lurking about… and the existence of good births a notion of evil.

And so, now lost to humanity and civility, far beyond the lands inhabited by beings of light, exists a kingdom of eternal darkness.

The Demon Realm!

In this world of the vilest creatures with the most depraved natures, something spectacular was occurring… it was a battle, which was between two creatures of darkness.


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