[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "What if he’s a daydream disguised as a nightmare?" ___ Season 1 - COMPLETED In her daydreams, her wedding day always took place on a fine sunny day. Who would’ve thought she is going to get married in the middle of the night and to a creature of the night?

KazzenlX · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
700 Chs

First and foremost

Gavriel finally lifted his head from the thoughts of his maddening wife that were plaguing his mind and realized that no one else were in the room but the ladies who were with him. This made him narrow his eyes dangerously.

The bolder one of the two women was already undressing in front of him. "Your Highness, we could tell you're in a very foul mood. Did your wife kick you out of your bed again? Do not worry, we are here to serve and please you, Your Highness." The other woman whispered to him as she caressed his chest seductively. "Let us help you relax." She added as the other woman approached him, naked.

Gavriel felt the rage he was trying so hard to suppress rapidly explode out of him. "Who gave you both the permission to do this!?" he snarled in a wintry, hostile voice.

"Y-Your Highness, pl-please don't think about anything else and –"