Speeding Through Shadows: A Flash of Rebirth

this is a fandic about a normal guy from earth getting reincarnated into the flash wc TV show as a 19 year old who looks only similar to his old self.

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Big Gains and Devious plans

It had been 2 weeks since the universal shenanigans of messing up my initial plans and also since i've basically joined team flash During these past two weeks, I was hanging out with Caitlyn and Cisco mainly with Caitlyn as it seemed we had a connection of sorts and with Cisco we have been building mecha and gundams and tinkering with whatever caught our attention at the time. my interactions with doctor wells actually went better than planned as it seems he doesn't see me as a threat, probably because technically my future self doesn't exist because he didn't have my soul and should have died.

Caitlin and I seemed to click quite well together as we could sit for hours either in silence or just talking about biology and daily life in general. There was a natural ease between us, a connection. Maybe it was our shared love for science or that we could be doing anything and the other wouldn't be bothered by it. Whatever it was, spending time with Caitlin felt effortless and comfortable.

We'd often find ourselves engrossed in conversations about everything from the latest breakthrough in quantum mechanics to our favourite episodes of classic sci-fi shows.

Meanwhile, Cisco's ingenuity and passion for odd names brought a contagious sense of excitement to our projects. He was always coming up with new ideas, pushing our creations to see what was possible with our technology. Working alongside him was like being caught in a whirlwind of creativity.

Together, the three of us made a formidable team. We'd spend hours in the lab, brainstorming ideas, troubleshooting problems, and bringing our visions to life. Whether we were building mechas and Gundams or experimenting with new gadgets, there was never a dull moment with Cisco and Caitlin by my side.

But it wasn't just about the work. In between our experiments and inventions, we found time to relax and unwind. We'd grab lunch together in the break room, swapping stories and sharing laughs. Sometimes, we'd even sneak away for impromptu karaoke sessions or movie marathons, letting loose and enjoying each other's company.

We became more than just colleagues; we became friends, united by a shared passion for science and what the future could be. And in the midst of it all, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible team.

During the second week of my training, I realised since I was fast I could do many things and me growing up and watching the show I knew Barry had so much untapped potential especially when it came to fighting as he would be able to practise and learn pretty much anything stupid quick and that's what I planned to do, so I searched basic videos of different types of fighting styles mainly martial arts and got them as level 0 when I was learning. They were [Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lv0, Boxing Lv0, Judo Lv0, Tai Chi Lv0, Krav Maga Lv0, Muay Thai Lv0] all in that order and it may seem like a lot but you need to realise how broken my cheat really is, like if I were to see a person fighting then I would subconsciously learn at least enough for my cheat to recognize it as a skill and give me the knowledge to even better it. And it got even better when after I had learned a new skill that made things even better and that was after I had learnt 5 different types of martial arts I got the skill [Martial Arts Lv1] and this skill basically boosts my learning speed and effectiveness of any martial arts I use so suffice to say with my super speed I was able to practise and learn them to a proficient level pretty damn fast and by the end of the week all my martial arts had levelled up to Lv4.

I started with the basics, studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Judo, Tai Chi, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai. With my accelerated learning ability, I absorbed the fundamental techniques of each discipline at an astonishing rate, honing my skills with each passing hour. It was like a crash course in combat, with every movement and technique etching itself into my muscle memory.

By the end of the week, I had reached a proficient level in all six martial arts, each one honed to perfection through relentless practice and dedication. My movements flowed seamlessly from one style to the next, blending the grace of Tai Chi with the power of Muay Thai and the precision of Judo.

But my training didn't stop there. Along the way, I encountered unexpected challenges and obstacles that pushed me to new heights. When I found myself facing danger in the form of a burning building, I was trying to get to a little girl who seems to be stuck behind a door and she couldn't open the door due to all the smoke and the extremely heated door handle and as i was getting to her a flaming wooden been fell and my instincts kicked in and thank to this it saved my life, it also granting me the skill [6th Sense Lv1]. and let me tell you, this skill was broken as all hell, like it saved me quite a few times and with it i just became better all round and i feel like my Martial Art skill had something to do with its growth as well because in fights it became incredible useful there was even a time where it helped me gain a new skill which was pretty damn nice.

It was when i was trying to save a person from getting mugged and my 6th sense flared up and due to it i was just barely able to dodge a bullet, and although i've seen Barry catching bullets it's not as easy as it looks as i realised there was some speed for tomfoolery with it as a bullet travels stupidly fast like to travels at least twice as fast as my current top speed so i soon realised just being able to barley doge a bullet was amazing. But after that i still got shot in the arm even after dodging the first bullet and it hurt like hell and let me tell you Caitlyn was not happy when i came back with a bullet wound in my arm. But thanks to that i was able to gain the skill [Quick Reflexes Lv1], and thanks to that my life became a lot easier as this skill goes hand in hand with my skill Accelerated thinking as it allowed me to basically see everything around me at twice my speed however all i could do was see it i still wasn't that fast but i helped with slowing things down enough for me to think of appropriate solutions for different situations, it was again very helpful when it came to fighting because since my reflexes where now enhanced even more i was basically able to dodge most of the bullets shot at me which was nice. 

But as I was finished with what happened in the past 2 weeks I was coming back from practice as it where and as I sped my way back to Star Labs when I was there I noticed people I didn't know but recognized shortly after so I got out of my speed mode to great them because at least in my speed mode I can still do something if they were a threat. And as I stopped the 3 new guests looked at me with confusion.

"And who might this be, Barry?"

"Oh yes he is another speedster like me that helped us and me when i lost my speed his name is Matt jones."

I took that as my que to tack off my helmet from my suit and introduced myself.

"Ah, nice to meet you Oliver queen i assume or would you prefer green arrow?" I asked and the tension in the room got a little chaotic.

"You told him?" Oliver asked Barry

"No, no I didn't. Matt, how did you know that?"

And as stoically and seriously I stated as a matter of fact as I brought 2 pictures and drew and outlined them and said

"The butts match."

And silence broke out as they saw the picture but was soon broken as Diggle and Cisco broke down laughing while listening to what I had stated, even doctor wells choked back a laugh as no one was expecting what I said.

While everyone tried to keep little giggles to themselves I spoke again. 

"Well in all seriousness I just did some digging into not so nice lets say wannabe assassins and it also matches with the time when Oliver Queen came back to the public and Green Arrow started doing his vigilantism." And as I said that I say Oliver's eyebrows furry slightly before letting out a sign. "Well even though you know me let me introduce myself again. My name's Oliver Queen and as you've said I'm the arrow." I shook his had firmly and said "pleasure meeting you" and now that team arrow now seemed to have their head more on straight they took a good look at me and seemingly realising something Felicity spoke up "Felicity Smoak, nice to meet you matt, and just out of curiosity how old are you?" She asked and I answered "19" and then the team arrow looked surprised and Oliver asked Barry "you're bringing in kids man? That's not right nor is it safe for him"

And then I spoke up again "on our first meeting he shattered about 25 of my bones" and oliver looked over a Barry and basically saying with his eyes wtf dude and Barry quickly spoke up "it was an accident i didn't think you would get startled like that"

"An accident that broke 25 of my bones" I grumbled back as I was still salty about it and who wouldn't be? Anyways after that and explaining that I was stubborn as a piece of gum on your shoes they eventually just said fuck it and let it be. And before anything else caitlyn asked me something that I didn't really want to answer but Still did. "And what happens to your face?" 

"So, about my face being all red and sunburned-looking from my attempts at running on water… and before you and Cisco go about me not being fast enough, trust me i know thats why i was practising technique ""So Let me break it down for you. Picture this: I've been watching Barry zip around, running on water like it's no big deal, and I'm thinking, "Hey, I'm fast too, I can totally do that shit!" So, I give it a shot. First try? Three steps. I'm feeling like a champ until I faceplant into the water like a skipping stone. Ouch, right?

But did I let that stop me? Hell no! I'm stubborn as a piece of gum stuck to your shoe, remember? So, I keep at it. Five steps, then eight, then fifteen. Each time, I'm getting a little further, but I'm also getting more acquainted with the water – face-first, of course. Eventually, after a ton of trial and error, I managed to take 96 steps" I stopped there even though before I stopped a big leap happened and I was able to run about 500 steps before calling it quits. (this was thanks to my Skill Running Reaching Lv10 and damn was there a massive jump in improvement i even realised i could now run at about 623 mph now thanks to the running skill.) Not bad for a beginner, right?

And to say the least that Caitlyn Dr wells Cisco and even Felicity were because they knew that it was basically impossible without the right amount of speed.

Now, you might be wondering why my face ended up looking like a lobster after a day at the beach. Well, let's just say that all those face-first landings left their mark. Speed healing might fix broken bones in a flash, but it doesn't squat for face flop marks. So, there I am, with a face that's redder than a ripe tomato, trying to play it cool while Caitlyn trys to gives me the lecture of a lifetime but let me tell you a secret face planting into water hurts like hell and lucky for me from my repeated actions i got [Pain Resistance Lv3] so yeah even as Caitlyn was pulling my ear into her lab it didn't hurt at all but just for the fun of it i made it sound like it hurt so Caityln would calm down.

And I could also hear Cisco laughing at my last statement of my many face flops as it really did look like a tomato at how re my skin was.

"Now if you would excuse me i have a medical bed to get to as i don't like having lobster skin"

And with that I went to rest in the med bay. And as I was leaving I tugged at Caitlyns clothes basically saying see you later and she hummed in agreement.

After that incident a few days have gone by and I was informed what had been going on as Barry was seemingly out of his Mind and I saw why as it was the dude that would give you negative emotions that barry was up against and with that I sped off to where the villain was while caitlyn was screaming at me because it was dangerous and I could lose my mind but as I go to where the man was I looked at him and with caitlyn shouting no.... nothing happened and even the man himself seemed confused as I wasn't a raging bull of murderous anger. "Why aren't my powers working on you!" He shouted and as all honestly for me of course it wouldn't work if the mind wasn't the one who was in control as I could still control my soul and I know that my soul wouldn't be affected so basically making his power useless and with that I quickly knock him out and speed back to Star Labs. And with that sorted Barry came back to his senses and once again thanked me for saving his ass. And quickly caitlyn came up to me and pulled me by the ear which wasn't painful as I had gotten pain resistance from all the face flops and it was already at Lv3 but Even so I played along as I wanted to console caitlyn.

"What were you thinking! You could have lost your mind just like barry!" She shouted and I could see tears forming in the corner of her eyes and I quickly hugged her and started patting her head "Cate you don't need to worry I was prepared and I'm sorry I didn't tell you that from the beginning."

Seemingly placated, she started to melt into my chest as let's just say my head pats where basically a superpower of its own – she goes from full-on rage mode to putty in your hands with just a few gentle taps and rubs on the head. So, there I am, getting scolded for risking life and limb (literally), and I pull out the ol' head pat trick. [Ding! Head-Pats Lv2 -> Lv3]. She practically melts on the spot, and the win goes to supernatural head-pats.

But enough about that – let's talk about my latest project: the ultimate supercar. You see, I've always had a thing for being able to tinker with things and wanting to absolute juice the thing out of oblivion, and when I got my hands on this beat-up old junker, I saw potential. With a little elbow grease and a whole lot of ingenuity, I turned it into the sleekest, most badass ride you've ever seen.

First things first, I made it bulletproof and with the help of my Chemistry skill I was able to make a paste of sorts that was like fibre glass when it had dried and hardened but the thing is I was able to make this paste basically explosion proof like if I were to drive over a mine? It wouldn't do anything to the car, i didn't test rocket launchers but i'm pretty sure it could handle it but tanks and missiles? Nope my car would go bye bye. Because let's face it, when you're living the hero's life, you never know when you're gonna need a little extra protection. Then, I souped up the engine, rigging it to run on my own bio-electricity. Yeah, you heard that right – I'm basically powering my car with pure lightning.

But wait, there's more. I installed these web cartridge-sized super batteries that charge up as I drive, giving me an extra boost whenever I need it and so if Cisco or Caiytlin wanted to drive they could drive off the batteries. And to top it all off, I added some state-of-the-art security features, like fingerprint sensors and retina scanners, to keep my ride safe from prying eyes.

So, when I rolled up to Star Labs in my tricked-out supercar, you better believe Cisco was losing his mind and I swear I heard him mumbling something like "Come to mama sweet baby jesus".

I'm standing there, feeling all smug and satisfied with my masterpiece of a car, whenI walk up to Caitlyn in star labs and I very smoothly ask her out for a coffee date at CC Jitters and you know what She says yes! Cue the victory dance in my head. Now, Caitlyn's not usually one to be flustered but let me tell you it was the cutest thing i had ever seen with a light blush on her cheeks and the small silly smile it was just adorable and when we were walking out Caityln started heading to her car as she knew i couldn't just run there with her but before she could i grabbed her arm and led her to where my new ride was and lets just say caitlyn was impressed and could you blame her?This car is a work of art – sleek, black, with these badass cyan accents that just scream "look at me."

When she sits down in the passenger's seat She practically sinks into the seat, like she's just discovered the comfiest mattress in the world. And when I fire up the massage chairs? Oh boy, you should've seen her face. It's like she's died and gone to heaven. But hey, who can blame her? After all, I did put a ton of work into making those seats feel like a spa day on wheels. I explained to her that it would scan the spine and muscle position relative to the body and if it can it would make the adjustments to said back muscles and spine and it was quite a piece of coding I had put into it as it levelled up my programming skills and robotic skills to level 9 and level 5. And to say the least about when I first tried it i didn't even know I had knots or anything in my back nor did I know I even had thought damn muscles where these knots where even with biology at Lv 4 and I was supposed to already know everything about the God damn human body that's just how good it was. But what brought me out of my thoughts were the sound of caitlyn's moan as I heard her spine just click right back into place and she looked so damn tempting to me it wasn't even funny. And as I turned off the basically hentai level massage chair she spoke to me with wonder. "I never even knew I had a spine problem until it just wasn't even there anymore." I chuckled at that and asked her what she thought. "Although i don't know much about cars but this is probably the best car in the whole world especially with the massage chairs"

Another shocker was when the car started moving she was surprised and said "When did you even turn on the car? I didn't hear anything '' I just smirked at her and explained I was tired of all those loud ass sports cars because let's be real, the noise just makes the people look like what the point of a nice car if it makes so much god damn noise.

Anyway, we get our coffee, settle into a cosy corner, and just start chatting away. Turns out, Caitlyn's got a lot more to say than I expected – about her work, about her life, about everything. And me? Well, I'm just soaking it all in, feeling like the luckiest guy in the world to be sitting there with her.

And as our date ends we both get an alert that something had happened so we both quickly hop into my car and we speed off back to star labs.

When arriving at star labs we saw a news report that was playing on the screen. It was about an attempt at stealing something from mercury labs.

At this news Team Flash scrambled to set up a trap, I found myself sidelined, deemed too young and inexperienced to be involved in such a dangerous mission. But I had other plans.

With my super speed and enhanced reflexes, I slipped into the shadows, determined to keep a watchful eye on Caitlin and ensure her safety. While Team Flash busied themselves with setting the trap, I seized the opportunity to examine the Tachyon Enhancer..

Using my speed and accelerated thought process, I quickly assessed the device, feeling a surge of power. In that moment, a new skill blossomed within me – [Ding! Tachyon Manipulation Lv1 acquired]. With this newfound ability, I knew I had gotten what I had come for, but I had little time to dwell on it as events unfolded rapidly.

As Reverse Flash stole the device and made his move the Flash gave chase, I remained hidden, observing their electrifying duel from the sidelines. Seeing Barry struggle, I couldn't resist lending a subtle hand, syphoning the lightning around Reverse Flash in a bid to tilt the odds in Barry's favour. But even with my intervention, victory remained elusive as Barry ultimately fell short.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, Ronnie Ramon, came out of nowhere and I felt a slight tug at my heart because I had forgotten about this but ultimately I wasn't worried because I knew what would happen to him and honestly I didn't know how to save him. As Caitlin approached him, concern etched on her face, I couldn't help but rush to her side.

"Caitlyn, who's that guy?" I asked, my voice laced with protectiveness and slight hostility and a hint of concern for her well-being. After all, her safety was my top priority, even amidst the chaos and uncertainty that surrounded us.

In response, Caitlin offered a reassuring smile, her gaze flickering between Ronnie and me. "He is… Ronnie my … my Fiance," she explained, her tone tinged with relief and guilt at me "And I'm okay, Matt. Thanks for looking out for me."

With a nod of acknowledgment, I stood by her side, silently grateful for the chance to ensure her safety and perhaps uncover more about the mysterious events unfolding before us. Although of course i was jealous of the feelings that Caitlun still held for Ronnie i had a slightly devious plan as since i know caitlyn would be too wrapped up in trying to save Ronnie i would help her till ronnie was fixed but then i would pull out all my comfort i had put into caitlyn and soon she would realise that that warmth that made her days was no longer there as i wasn't there anymore, no hugs and mind melting head pats nothing and eventually she would lose Ronnie again and when i go to comfort her she would completely realise all the warmth she lost after choosing Ronnie but i could wait till then as i knew caitlyn and i aren't official yet but even if i do get jealous i have a plan for the future.

As Ronnie tells Caityln not to look for him anymore he left with everyone feeling a sense of incongruity and Cisco was looking between Caitlyn and me because he new things that were going well now shattered as Caityln would now start to fuss over another man, like a bro he patted me on the shoulder and took me away as we went to play some games in order to have a bro talk about me handling what was happening with caitlyn. And honestly I appreciated it even if it wasn't needed. And just like that another 2 weeks passed as caitlyn with the help of me was searching for F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M and just like my plan i made her feel worth and comfort it was strange as i even got a skill [Comforting Aura Lv2] i don't exactly understand how i got it as it didn't make sense to me but i wasn't complaining because it was helping with my devious plan. 

After the whole ordeal with the reverse flash and Ronnie's sudden resurgence Caitlyn was having great inner conflict as she was feeling relieved that Ronnie was almost back but also horrible guilt towards Matt as she honestly doesn't think she would be whole right now after everything that happened as he had become her pillar of support and now she was in a dilemma.

A few days after that, introspection from caitlyn news of Caitlin's kidnapping by Leonard Snart sent shockwaves through Star Labs, igniting a sense of urgency and dread among us. As the team scrambled to devise a plan to rescue her, I felt a surge of determination coursing through me.

Remembering what was supposed to happen, I furiously tapped away at the screens, utilising my enhanced speed and intellect to track down Mick Rory's heat gun signature. In a matter of moments, I located Caitlin's whereabouts and wasted no time informing the team of my findings.

Meanwhile, Barry engaged in a fierce battle with Leonard Snart and Mick Rory, attempting to use their elemental guns to cross streams in order to cancel out the effect. With every passing second, the tension mounted as we raced against the clock to save Caitlin.

As I relayed the information to the team, I darted off to Caitlin's location, my heart pounding with adrenaline-fueled determination. Upon reaching her, I swiftly liberated her from captivity, whisking her away to safety just as an explosion rocked the scene behind us.

Once back at Star Labs, I laid Caitlin gently on the bed, my hands trembling with worry as I assessed her condition. Relief flooded over me as I realised she had escaped with only minor scrapes and a bruised wrist. Without hesitation, I tended to her injuries, my movements fueled by a sense of urgency and care.

Drawing her into a tight embrace, I enveloped her in my calming aura, showering her with comforting head pats. As she nestled against me, the tension seeped from her body, replaced by a sense of peace and security.

"It's okay, Caitlin," I whispered softly, my voice laced with reassurance. "You're safe now."

Her gratitude washed over me like a warm embrace as she expressed her thanks, her eyes heavy with exhaustion from the harrowing ordeal. With a gentle smile, I watched as she drifted off to sleep, her breathing steady and serene.

In that moment, surrounded by the soft hum of machinery and the gentle glow of monitors. I realised that my plan was going smoothly as i wanted caitlyn to be safe so as the flash was finishing off his fight and Cisco was getting his cold gun back in order to destroy it i quickly with the help of my speed examined the gun and how it was made and how it works and with that i quickly leave it and set off back to my apartment to start remodelling my suit and making something for caitlyn to protect herself.

With that in mind i began on remaking my suit to be better than it was and as i was making it i decided to do something similar to captain cold's gun which was to make an absolute freeze ray that i could control through the gloves of my suit which would allow me to with just a touch freeze things and break them as well as in emergencies i would be able to shoot a beam of cryo power but that would use a lot of the fuel as i had to figure out how i could make it run on the oxygen and other chemicals in the air in order to charge the gas as i would be using my Bioelectricity to actually use the thing so no one else would be able to use it. And for caitlyn i made a watch that could also shoot freezing powers as she needed defence and it was also ironic as technically she would have these powers in the future so i saw it as a win. And similarly the fuel would come from all the chemicals in the air. And although it wouldn't have more than a 10 metre range I would say it was pretty goddamn good for me to make it pretty small.

After a few days of working on it I gave it to caitlyn and told her to keep it secret and that it was for her self defence. I showed her how it worked and she hugged me and thanked me and I could see the guilt in her eyes as I knew she was still thinking about Ronnie but I knew that this would change soon. And with that I went back to Helping Cecial with her Cases and me making my suit.

I then got an email From Cecial asking if I would want to meet up in person at a restaurant with her so that she could thank me and possibly ask for formal cooperation in her case.

And with that i said yes as this was part of the plan because Cecial in the show was probably my favourite character and i really wanted her but i knew this was real life and i respected Joe so i had made a plan on how this would work out and it would have something to do with Flash Point and the help of this generations owner of the Air Totum. But first I can't wait to meet Cecial in person and really get to know her.