Spectre of Corvus

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What is Spectre of Corvus

Read Spectre of Corvus novel written by the author OrdinaryHuman on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The Warmonger known as General Alastair Hecate of the Empire got executed through the trial of justice orchestrated by the federation of nations. Dying and achieving freedom for the first time through the flames of pain and suffering, Alastair now found herself in the darkness of the abyss. There, she would get judged by three beings no one and nothing could comprehend. They were monstrous primordial creatures before everything and nothing. Anyhow, the judgment resulted in Alastair becoming a Krieger. A warrior who passed through realms in exchange for souls. With this, Alastair was at last given a second chance to become someone better than before. Someone with the title, Spectre of Corvus. ――――― [Disclaimer: I do not own the cover of the book. All credits will goes to the creator of the cover. If you wish for its removal, tell or pm me, and I will remove it.] 

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Volume 1 :Prologue
Volume 2 :The Krieger
Volume 3 :Realm of Spectrum
Volume 4 :Ruined Kingdom
Volume 5 :A Drill from the Devil
Volume 6 :The Warring Period
Volume 7 :Tertius Soul Deal
Volume 8 :Brewing Trouble within Spectrum
Volume 9 :Primordium


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This is a novel about a general becoming a spirit that acts like a devil, known as the Krieger. She is a person with the alignment of lawful evil. Be warned that morals would sometimes be broken in this story. Also, don't expect her to act well. As in the beginning, She would rather be violent. As said before, human morals will not always be applied in this story. I will not sugarcoat my MC, and the readers can judge for themselves if she is truly evil or not. I am also not that good at English, so grammar and spelling mistakes might often appear. Please comment on my mistakes so I can fix them. Your help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks for reading my story, and enjoy. [Hope you like it, and please leave a review.]


Everything I habe read so far was great the pacing was a little bit slow but I think it is realy neccesery for the character development which is in my oppinion the best part of this novel, it feels like the characters habe real egos. Furthermore I realy like the concept of the story like the worldbuilding, which is already interessting, or how the mc grow stronger by making contracts instand of cultivating or having a systhem. This realy makes this novel this novel special and I would recoment it to everyone to at least give it a shot an try it


Reveal spoiler


The writing is amazing 🤩 And the story is thrilling to the point you are reading it till 2:39 in the morning because you can’t stop reading. By far one of the best novels i have read anyway.


Amazing stories!!It would be good if no romance in it👍Love the stories,the characters.


only read first chapter, like half of it. seems to be ok. probably gonna like the concept, but the writing/gramar killed my eagerness to read. or i am just not ready to read. very possible. will try again at a later date.


It is truly one of the best stories I've read so far. The writing quality,pacing, characters everything is perfect. The only thing I am worried about is romance but it is still highly recommended


Reveal spoiler


Written on ch33 it’s a good wn but be really warned it’s depressing as f**k but omg is good but man ordinary human is a depressing story writer tho he is fun and addicting writer please do give it a try and read thro. Maybe you will regret it…


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