Special Agent Rebirth: The Omnipotent Goddess of Quick Transmigration Book

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Special Agent Rebirth: The Omnipotent Goddess of Quick Transmigration

Yi Lu Fan Hua

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She is the newly crowned Best Actress of the Entertainment Circle as well as the long-lost second young lady of the Ye Family in the Imperial City, a fact everyone knew. The eldest daughter of the Ye Family was the Chairman of the Fenghai Group; the third son of the Ye family, a big shot in Imperial City; but the found second young lady was merely a decoration in the Entertainment Circle. Her father did not love her, her mother did not cherish her. However, nobody knew, behind the guise of a mere decoration, she was in fact an exceptional agent that international powers found troubling! Unexpectedly, she made a mistake, was tricked, and accidentally bound herself with a system to complete tasks and absorb energy. Since then, she dominated in all parallel universes, rewriting the tragic lives of others. In whichever world she was in, she thrived effortlessly. What she did not anticipate, however, was crossing paths with a big shot from a mysterious power… When she finally recovers her strength to return to her peak form, she could let go of her identity as the second young lady of the Ye Family; she could reject her family's estate. But, if she didn't give a good reckoning to those who plotted against her, how would she do justice to her hard-earned title of Chief Agent? Once her identity is fully revealed, it would be her time to shine! *** One a prodigious mystery youth, the other a world-renowned Chief Agent, this is a showdown between two formidable figures. *** The alternate titles of this novel include "The Heroine Is Really Amazing" and "The Hero Is Really Handsome". —【Refreshing】【Quick Transmigration】【1v1】