Spear of Retribution Book

novel - Fantasy

Spear of Retribution


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After being experimented on for one thousand years to become the greatest human weapon of the world, Geraldine Gauthier swore to seek revenge on the wicked Emperors of the Empire. What will happen if the individual remodeled to serve the Empire turns her back on them? Taking advantage of the 16th Prince named Alexjin, Geraldine began to pull the strings to manipulate the scenarios according to her will. "I shall receive your grace, Master. What can I do to remain by your side forever?" A deep, manly voice spoke politely while he was looking at the woman he adored so much. "Well, well, well, look who do we have here. Your Majesty!" The woman responded in a sarcastic manner. "You... must obey me, Majesty!" She added, smiling like a maniac. [UNEDITED]