Sitting in a small hut that looks like it has been built sturdily by hand is a young man with blonde hair and green eyes that would be almost mesmerising if it wasn't for the apathetic look that seemed to radiate from them.

This doesn't portray the boys personality even though most people avoided him due to them feeling as if he didn't care for them,

He started having this look when he found out that his mother had died 6 months ago due to being mugged on the way home after his father had died in a mysterious car crash two years before.

The young man wasn't exceedingly handsome but had a stoic and almost commanding presence to him wearing simple dark blue jeans and a deep red shirt around his neck hung a pendant with what looked like two small spearheads adorned with minuscule runes carved on them

as he was looking at a picture in his wallet of a family of three in the middle of a forest his eyes that for the last 6 months portrayed no emotions started to show signs of pain deep within them but mostly warmth

"It has been 6 months and i have done everything you asked of me mum and dad including that insane training regime you made me do until i turned eighteen.

but i need to find out what happened to you as i know that the way that you both died is impossible to actually occur. You were miles away from where you were meant

to be dad and they said you were speeding which i know you wouldn't normally do and even less so with you mum as you were the one to teach me close combat techniques"

Then the boy got up to move to the cabinet near the door and take out his birth certificate as he done this it clearly defined the muscles the young man has

built up over the years of constant training. His physique wasn't overly muscular but every single muscle in his body was as if it had been melded with steel that

would give even Adonis a feeling of shame. He looked down at the birth certificate for a moment while reminiscing about his childhood for a moment

"I'm not quite sure why you had me do all of that over the years and you both said you would tell me but it was due to my name that people would be after us but

don't hate it as my name should be something that i am proud of since it is part of history that would be different and the world would be worse off... but i cant quite

bring myself not to hate it as it took you both away from me"

Then the young man looked at the birth certificate and began to think ...

what is so important about the name Lance Ceannard Arach