Spatial Farm Life: Raising My Kid, Abusing Scum, and Keeping Busy With Life

She was a cute and tomboyish girl attending a prestigious national university in the 21st century. However, little did anyone know that she was actually a secret agent groomed by a certain organization since childhood. She was about to face her graduation exams when she returned from a mission. But during a break, she dozed off on her desk and unexpectedly discovered that she had transmigrated to an ancient era. Not only did she lose her delicate appearance and the modern high-tech advancements, but she also became a discarded woman of low status! Surprisingly, she embraced this new life and said it suited her perfectly. From then on, the so-called demure girl cultivated the land and occasionally dealt with annoying troublemakers. She proclaimed, "Life is boring, but encountering troublemakers is great." The male lead said, "We have our fair share of troublemakers in my household. Coincidentally, my son lacks a mother. Would the young lady be willing to join my family and live together?"

Blake Curtain · History
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Yuan Jiaqi glanced deeply at Qiao Mai, then left with the children. Yue Hong held Ling'er in her arms, and the little one waved goodbye to her father and brothers.

"Dad, brothers, goodnight!"

Qiao Mai pinched her little cheek. "Go to sleep. We'll play again tomorrow."

"Mom, goodnight!"

This day had been exhausting for her. The two thousand taels of silver meant nothing to her compared to the money she spent on spirit stones.

It was like a drop in the bucket.

Thinking about the ten thousand acres of land in her space, Qiao Mai immediately returned to her room, entered the space, and shut the door behind her.

The previous twenty thousand acres of land were planted with various vegetables, fruits, trees, and medicinal herbs. Now, she planned to cultivate the additional ten thousand acres.

She had all the seeds prepared - two large bags of grass seeds. Standing at the edge of the vast black soil, she felt her mood soar.