Spatial Farm Life: Raising My Kid, Abusing Scum, and Keeping Busy With Life

She was a cute and tomboyish girl attending a prestigious national university in the 21st century. However, little did anyone know that she was actually a secret agent groomed by a certain organization since childhood. She was about to face her graduation exams when she returned from a mission. But during a break, she dozed off on her desk and unexpectedly discovered that she had transmigrated to an ancient era. Not only did she lose her delicate appearance and the modern high-tech advancements, but she also became a discarded woman of low status! Surprisingly, she embraced this new life and said it suited her perfectly. From then on, the so-called demure girl cultivated the land and occasionally dealt with annoying troublemakers. She proclaimed, "Life is boring, but encountering troublemakers is great." The male lead said, "We have our fair share of troublemakers in my household. Coincidentally, my son lacks a mother. Would the young lady be willing to join my family and live together?"

Blake Curtain · History
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406 Chs

She recounted Ruxin's situation to Qiao Mai, and Qiao Mai furrowed her brow upon hearing it.

"That scoundrel is treating Ruxin like this?"

"Yes, I never expected it. Tell me, what have we done wrong? How can he treat Ruxin like this?"

Qiao Mai tapped the table with her fingers, deep in thought. "Come, let's go find Mayor Qian."

Lu Sanniang felt somewhat embarrassed. "How can I face him with such a shameful matter?"

"Like your daughter, you are as stubborn as a wooden block. In the future, you belong to him. If you don't turn to him for support, who else will you turn to? Besides, Mayor Qian has the resources. His people can investigate this matter and will probably uncover the truth much faster than if you do it yourself."

Qiao Mai held her hand and took her to Mayor Qian's house. After hearing Qiao Mai's words, Mayor Qian's face turned red with anger.