26 chapter 26 : Inhuman

After dealing with Glaber, Orion had organized a great party to honor Marius and his deceased family but also to celebrate their first victory against Rome.

 The celestials' banquet was not complicated to prepare, they had plenty of food, wine and water for many more than the 51 people there were.

 This celebration was exclusive to the celestials but it was nevertheless well noticed by the rebels in the temple who could only feel envy towards the celestials and their resources.

 Many found this unfair and wanted to rise up against the celestials to demand part of the supplies but they were stopped by Spartacus who had promised them to speak calmly with Orion and negotiate.

 While Orion was drinking and eating with his men in the evening, some celestials came to tell him that a woman was asking to meet him, it was Saxa.

Curious, he asked for the woman to be brought in front of him and once in front of her, Orion frowned slightly because he wondered why someone he didn't know wanted to talk to him.

 "Who are you and what do you want to talk to me about?" Orion asked the young woman without emotion.

 Saxa: I, Saxa from the lands east of the Rhine, I…I want…to know an exceptional man!

 Orion looked at the beautiful young woman and knew she was barely learning the common language, he looked at her with a slight smile before responding in German . 

Orion : If you want to meet an exceptional man, you've come to the right place. All celestials are exceptional men and women. 

 Astonished to find that the handsome man in front of her could speak her language, Saxa was pleasantly surprised.

 Saxa: You speak my language and your accent is perfect! Are you German?!

 Orion: No, but several of my men are romans former slaves from your homeland. 

 Orion said smiling as Nine Celestials who heard him raised their wine cups to him before starting to drink again.

Saxa seeing this moved closer to Orion and a celestial tried to hold her back but Orion asked them to let her.

 The beautiful blonde stood in front of Orion, looked him in the eyes and said clearly,

 "Others may be strong and impressive but you-(interrupted)"

 Orion : You want to sleep with me ?

 Orion asked the question simply by looking into her eyes, it didn't take a genius to guess where Saxa was going with this so he asked simply to avoid wasting time and the young woman had a smile on her lips, surprised by how direct Orion had been.

 He didn't even wait for her to finish and got up to walk towards his tent,

 "If that's what you want then just follow me!" he said simply to Saxa whose smile only widened.

 She was a woman who loved strong men and she loved sleeping with the strongest.

 However, Orion, the most beautiful and remarkable man she could ever meet, gave her the chance to show her what he was worth in bed.

She planned to completely dominate Orion to impress him and attach him to her.

 As she followed him, she received glares from Galatea and other celestial women present.

 Orion had no reason to refuse to fuck Saxa, on the contrary, his lack of emotion made his pleasures stronger because It was one of the few things he could still feel at the moment.

 The truth was that he had been wondering for days whether to rekindle his emotions or not but in the end, he realized that his feelings and emotions could get in the way.

 For Orion, he was truly entering the realm of the gods, at least mentally. The gods are above everything and nothing can shake them mentally. For him, a god can completely do without emotions which are generally there to hinder and limit men who lived by their emotions, emotions which gave them a goal.

 Orion, who no longer had to feel all that, now understood the gods who were unshakable and who acted as they saw fit towards whomever they wanted because they had neither ties nor constraints.

 So they were perfect not because of their power but because they were above constraints and limits.

 Orion no longer had to worry about the feelings of others if he wanted wherever and whenever he wanted.

If he wanted to fuck Saxa copiously for days on end, he would do it without any worries and that's what he had planned to do for this evening, especially since he was in a good mood after making Glaber suffer .


 He entered his tent with a cup of wine as Saxa excitedly followed him. Once settled, she tried to undress but Orion asked her to wait. He took out a small jug of wine and began pouring a cup for her.

Of course, it was the blood of Venus that would not only increase the sexual appetite of its user but will strangely give them a lot of energy during intercourse in addition to having a wonderfully divine taste.

 He handed the cup to Saxa who looked at him strangely but he quickly reassured her.

 Orion: You can trust me, this wine has nothing harmful for you. I could kill you as easily as crushing an ant so there's no poison in it. For you who voluntarily offered yourself to me, there is also no danger. Only, it will help you feel everything more intensely.

 Saxa nodded slightly before taking the cup and starting to drink. From the first sip, her look showed great shock, she had never tasted anything so delicious.

 "What is this drink? Is it wine?! How can it be so good ?!" she immediately asked.

 Orion: This is a special wine I made, I called it "blood of Venus". I'm sure you'll enjoy its other effects in a few seconds.

 As soon as he finished his sentence, the reaction was not long in coming. Saxa's body temperature began to rise as her vagina grew wetter and wetter. Quickly, she rushed towards Orion to kiss him but once again he stopped her.

 Saxa wanted from the start to impose his rhythm during their intercourse and Orion had guessed it, although he could let the young woman do it, he wanted to submit her to him.

 After stopping her, Orion began to slowly kiss her lips then her neck, her shoulder while undressing her little by little.

Orion couldn't know how long it had been since this woman had taken a bath and given the state of her skin, it was better to forget the question so as not to stop right away.

 Once the young woman was completely naked, Orion started kissing her mouth again while caressing her and he would be lying if he said he was not excited by the young woman's body.

Saxa with a thin but quite muscular body because she is a warrior. She had a fairly well worked body without much effort, sexy and toned.

 An excited Orion's penis began to swell and lengthen to the point where Saxa who felt it was quite shocked at the size.

As she grew impatient, Orion immediately picked her up and laid her on the bed in missionary position.

 To Saxa's great surprise, in this same position, Orion grabbed both of her arms by the wrists with one hand as if to immobilize her before inserting his penis deeply into her in a single stroke with the help of his second hand.

 "AAAANGHN!" Saxa let out a cute little scream, it was the first of many screams as Orion started to fuck her faster and faster and while his cock was ravaging Saxa's pussy, he was making even for the girl's mouth with her tongue.

 Saxa who was being hammered by Orion who was hitting harder and harder had the impression of losing her mind not only by her vagina filled by Orion's big penis but also by her mouth which seemed to be sheltering a tornado wet generated by the latter's tongue play.

 Orion continued to fuck her in this position until she had her first orgasm but the young blonde continued to gesticulate wildly although weakly, she still didn't want to submit to him Although the pleasure she felt was immense and uncontrollable.

 He turned her around and put her on doggy style with his physical strength Saxa couldn't even resist him. Saxa felt her head being grabbed and then slammed onto the bed while Orion kept her hips elevated.

 "Wait...hungh...I might..." She wanted to speak but Orion didn't want to know, he inserted his penis directly into her while Saxa's thighs trembled.

As a result, she had her second orgasm in less than ten minutes and for Orion, it was only just beginning.

 Outside the tent, the surrounding celestials heard Saxa's moans louder and louder and some were shocked because they did not know this part of their leader.

Ajax came to find his wife Vayline and they also left for their tent.

 Theokoles for his part was very sad, Nubia was his lieutenant so she stayed on their ship at sea. Galatea for her part did not know why but she seemed very angry, she got up and went to practice with her bow. 

 Back in the tent, Orion continued to fuck Saxa but in a much faster and interminable rhythm, it seemed like a machine set to repeat the same action at a high speed.

Under Saxa, the blanket was completely wet and soaked with the love juice of her multiple orgasms.

 The young woman couldn't even humanly express herself anymore, she moaned, making little grunts while her hips shook wildly. It was her fourth orgasm but yet, Orion had not ejaculated at all.

 Not wanting to risk ruining the girl, Orion stopped and let the young woman lie on the bed with her body trembling, she kept rubbing his hand over her slightly sore pussy before falling asleep of exhaustion.

 Orion also lay down next to her and fell asleep, he was a fairly light sleeper and at the slightest movement or noise foreign to his own he would wake up.

Furthermore, it was impossible for someone to enter this camp without being detected.


 The next day, Saxa woke up quite late in the day but Orion was already gone.

 She came out of the tent when she heard sounds of fighting. Alerted, she took her two daggers to cautiously advance towards the place where the noises were coming from and was shocked once there, it was the celestials who were fighting among themselves.

 Looking carefully, she saw Orion watching the fighting in a secluded spot with a calm but watchful expression. Intrigued, Saxa moved closer to him and of course she could only smile as she came to him.

 "Have your men all gone crazy ? Why are they trying to kill each other?!" she asked hoping Orion's expression would change as he looked at her but she was very disappointed.

 "What you see is just training. My men are extremely strong individually and the only way for them to evolve properly is to face people as strong as them continually like in current training or to face someone much stronger than them. This is the same method I used to train Spartacus and Varro" he looked at her with an emotionless face.

 Saxa was really disappointed, after last night where Orion had fucked and enslaved her like no man had ever done, she was extremely satisfied and thought that was the case for Orion too but the man was still so indifferent.

 She tried to think and the only explanation according to her is that she couldn't make him cum the same way he gave her many orgasms so she thought Orion was quite disappointed in his night with her and that it wasn't worth it.

 Thinking about it, her pride as a woman was seriously damaged because the man was extremely good in bed, even divine but not her because in the end she had not brought him any pleasure.

However, the truth of it all was that Orion didn't care, he was just emotionless by his new nature.

 Saxa, disappointed, continued to watch the fights and with embarrassment continued the discussion anyway.

 Saxa: Spartacus told us that it was you who trained him and we can't believe it despite the Gaul and the great black warrior not confirming it because you look much younger than him. However, your men's fights seem too serious for training with real swords! They can get hurt, it's dangerous.

 Orion: Don't worry, they're used to fighting like this and what's more, they know where to stop to limit the risk of injury or death. Seriously confronting their brother in arms will deeply strengthen their bonds.

 Saxa: I see, I should return to the temple because the others must be worried about my disappearance.

 "Hmm it's not wrong, you should go." Orion said impassively as he continued to watch the fights which further disappointed the beautiful blonde who left with a satisfied body but an upset mind.

 "Wait please…" Orion said behind her and she turned around hoping he would say something to make her feel better but she was dreaming.

 Orion: Tell Spartacus I wish to speak to him urgently, please.

 Even more upset, her expression was a little angry but she nodded before leaving. Orion completely knew why Saxa looked upset but the fact was he didn't care, she was the one who came to test him in bed.

He gave her what she wanted but now she wants something else apparently, he really didn't care.

 Saxa arrived at the temple and looked to see Spartacus but he had gone hunting with Agron and Segovax for a while.

Gannicus with whom she had been flirting long before Orion's arrival had noticed her absence during the night and Saxa preferred not to say anything to him for the moment, thinking about it put her in a very bad mood so she simply told him that she was went to sleep elsewhere. 

 Gannicus was still intrigued but decided to believe this answer, she then went to see Mira because she wanted to talk about it with the one who was her closest friend (Mira is not dead like in the series), she was the only one who know Saxa's plans last night.

 While she was looking for her friend, a hand grabbed her arm, it was Agron's brother Duro who had a huge crush on her. He had a stupid smile on his lips and he spoke to her in German.

 Duro: Hey beauty, I looked for you yesterday! Where was-(interrupted)

 "Let go of my arm right now, I'm not in the mood." She said with a face filled with anger.

 Duro immediately let go of her and she continued on her way eventually finding Mira with Aurelia taking care of Sura.

Of all the women among the rebels, she was the strongest and their leader. Saxa was strong but could not be compared to Sura who had been trained by Orion although weakly.

 " You are here ?!" Mira said as she stood up to greet Saxa with a bit of excitement on her face.

She knew that if her friend hadn't slept with them it was because she was at Orion's camp and therefore she could have slept with him.

 Mira was jealous and couldn't help but ask for details in front of Sura, although weak but awake, and Aurelia struck with curiosity.

 Sura: Can we know what you're talking about ?

 " It was nothing !! It's not really important!" Mira tried to cloud the subject but Saxa told her that she could tell Sura but that it had to stay between them and that the "Roman" (Aurelia) had to come out.

 Sura wanted to protest but Aurelia said it wasn't a big deal and she would come back later.

 Sura: Why ask her to leave? She's one of us now!

 Saxa: So let her take her sword and start training like us! She's still fucking Roman and I don't want to talk about her. Mira tells everything (her common language is still not perfect , as well as my English skills ).

 Mira then began to tell Sura everything about Saxa and Orion, she was struck with disbelief before asking for details too.

 Mira: So how was it ?

 Sura: Go ahead, tell! How is he making love?

 Saxa: He didn't make love to me, he fucked me! He took me like no man has ever done with complete control over my body as if he had done it himself and gave me pleasures I never imagined on multiple occasions . It was like being fucked in a wild but exciting way by a god. Yet…

 Mira: But what?!

 Sura: Did he do something wrong?!

 Saxa: No, he was perfect and very dominant, on the contrary it was me who was not up to his abilities.

 Mira +Sura: Huh ?! 

 Saxa: He didn't eject his seed like all other men when they reach the peak of their pleasure. Even when we did it he didn't show much. I failed to please him and when we spoke this morning it was as if we had never done anything during the night.

 Sura: That's pretty strange coming from him. 

 Mira: I forgot you knew him too. You really don't seem close like when he was at ludus.

 Sura: It's a long story and it was my fault. However, Orion's behavior is quite different from what I have experienced.

 Saxa: Explain.

 Sura: He never slept with a stranger to our knowledge, only a few prostitués and Zena , another girl he took with him. And even when he had sex, he rarely reached the peak of his pleasure according to Salma, a former friend (her face became a little sad). Even so, he was still friendly and attentive before and after sex and from what you tell me, he's definitely different from before.

 Saxa: So the problem isn't-(interrupted)

 Aurelia came into the room to say that Spartacus had returned. Saxa remembered that she needed to talk to Spartacus so she cut their conversation short and went to inform Spartacus that Orion wanted to see him urgently.

 Spartacus, pleased with this fact, also wanted to speak with Orion about the problems of feeding his men.

He immediately left with his lieutenants to see Orion but as they got closer to the encampment, he and the others heard sounds of combat.

 Intrigued and alerted, they headed towards the sounds to see something that is supposed to be completely impossible.

Orion was facing more than forty of his men with bare hands, without armor and all at the same time while they were armed.

 Crixus: By Jupiter's balls!

 Oenomaus: I thought Orion was extraordinarily strong but I was so wrong that I'm ashamed!

 Orion dodged each of his men's attacks and counterattacked quickly and décisive l'y, He never stayed put but moved around a lot, exploiting the terrain to confront them .

With each blow he gave, he knocked one of his men out of the fight and he was so fast that it all seemed like a choreographed joke, yet it was training where the celestials gave All.

 Agron: Spartacus look, isn't that the one you fought with last time?! He was even stronger than Gannicus!!!

 Spartacus: It's him!

 Uzziah came up behind Orion and attacked from what he thought was a blind spot, his attack was vicious, precise, fast and silent, you could read a terrible consultation on his face as if it were a question of life or of death.

 Crixus: He's going to get it!! Orion overestimated himself and he risked his life for it. The look this guy has is that of a warrior not only strong but very focused, I don't want to be in Orion's place.

 Segovax: Something has to be done. 

 Orion was dodging Stratos' attacks and took the opportunity to knock out another celestial when he felt Uzziah behind him preparing his attack. Unfortunately for the latter, he was in Orion's detection zone.

 With his senses elevated to another level, he could sense and predict everything immediately within 20 meters around him. Uzziah was going to attack but when he executed his move, Orion sent him a back kick directly to the solar plexus at insane speed. The poor celestial, caught in excruciating pain, lay down and gave up.


 "Just like that ?!" Agron said with a shock. 

 Demiclas joined Stratos to confront him and tried to beat him. From what they saw of Stratos earlier alone against Orion, by his movements, his reactions and his way of fighting, Spartacus and the others knew that none of them was at his level. Yet he looked like a child in front of Orion.

 As soon as Demiclas came to lend a hand to Stratos, they believed that the fight was going to be more balanced but...

 Demiclas came from the opposite side of Stratos to lock Orion's blind spots but it was a terrible mistake that nearly cost Demiclas himself his life.

 Orion dodged their joint attacks more fantastically than logically until Demiclas made a horizontal attack and Stratos attempted a quick thrust Attack

 Orion ducked to his right, spinning around exactly when the two attacked, he not only dodged their attacks which had the danger of being fast but synchronized but took the opportunity to grab Stratos' wrist and pushed his hand forward to take advantage of his momentum but stopped immediately.

 In the end, the tip of Stratos' sword penetrated a centimeter deep into Demiclas' chest.

 Shocked the two remained paralyzed for a split second which was more than enough for Orion to take Stratos' neck in a lock to break him.

 "You two are dead. Leave training and rest, it was a good fight." he told them, smiling weakly and showing them the few cuts he had on his arms and chest.

The two lieutenants sighed before nodding their heads and leaving as Orion continued to take out more celestials.

 Segovax: He is infinitely stronger than I would have imagined during our time at ludus!! He really is a god!

 Agron: How can it be humanly possible to fight all these strong guys with such ease without weapons ?! How can he have so much stamina ?! How can he avoid hits coming from almost every direction ?! It doesn't make sense 

 Spartacus: Training is the only thing I can tell you. Even though he was already strong beyond words back then, Orion loved to train like hell sometimes. Even now, I don't believe anyone can replicate this way of training. Yet this same pretext loses its value in the face of what I see, it has exceeded what a human being should be capable of doing.

 Crixus had a face full of anger. This level of strength is what he wanted to achieve and be a true god living in the arenas in the past. He was jealous of Orion and envied him even though he respected him a lot.

 Oenomaus and Gannicus said nothing, they simply watched what could no longer even be called "fight" unfold before their eyes.

Orion was too strong to say anything and Gannicus who wanted to compare himself to him felt horribly ridiculous.

 There were less than ten celestials left in front of Orion, Galatea took his distance with three archers and Vayline to shoot arrows at Orion but he was able to dodge their shots. However, these were distraction shots because while he was trying to avoid these arrows Ajax attacked Orion with Theokoles but the fight didn't really last.

 Orion dodged their attacks and managed to get Ajax first with an elbow to the chin that sent him to sleep without him even knowing how he was hit. Theokoles continued to attack Orion who dodged and responded with punches and kicks.

 What are martial arts?! Intelligent, precise and sometimes mystical movements that allow the weak to win against the strong or the strong to win against stronger as well and sometimes, martial arts allow you to move to a level of mental mastery allowing someone to be a master of himself through discipline and mediation.

 Without even knowing it, Orion was a practitioner at the very peak of the arts. He did not need to be taught or initiated into anything in the field because he had developed his own Martial art through his extraordinary intelligence without even realizing it.

 Theokoles kept trying to hit him but in vain, he managed to block a few blows from Orion but took too many. Near the trees, Galatae drew her bow and was ready to shoot.

 Vayline: Little one, I know you're very good with a bow, even more so than me, but be sure of what you're doing. If you unfortunately make a miscalculation in this shot then Theokoles risks being hit.

 "That's why I never make a calculation error!" she said before shooting an arrow aiming at Orion's head which was moving.

 The shot was perfect, she had even predicted where the location of her target's head would be but the target was Orion who could detect absolutely everything within twenty meters around him and this arrow was no exception.

 With insolent speed, he jerked his head back to dodge the arrow and caught it in mid-air, Theokoles was preparing a double sword attack but stopped moving when he felt a cold piece of metal under his throat, it was the arrow of Galatae that Orion now pointed at him.

 "You are dead my friend" Orion said while out of breath, he was sweating profusely with several gashes on his body and his stamina was showing slack.

Theokoles left to rest but Orion cast his gaze towards Vayline, Galatae and the others.

 He picked up a shield from the ground and started running towards them at high speed. The archers started to stress and fired at him but Orion managed to dodge their arrows up to a certain distance or he could only block them with his shield. Within seconds, Orion had arrived at them and began picking them off one by one.

 As he fought with Vayline and her two daggers, Galatae took a little distance and fired at him again but Orion knew what she had done.

 "So reckless!" he said as he grabbed Vayline by the back of the neck using her as a human shield. Just as the arrow was about to hit Vayline's face, Galatea had a serious expression on her face.

However, in one extremely quick movement, Orion grabbed the arrow inches from his hostage's face.

 "Galatea killed you, you can leave!" he said mockingly as Vayline sighed in frustration as she left.

He saw that Galatae had not yet recovered from her shock and exploited this lapse of time to get to her, by the time she tried to react, it was too late. Orion grabbed her and pinned him to the ground and simulated crushing his foot on the young woman's throat.

 "You're dead little sister!!" 

 Galatea didn't say anything, she remained silent and got up saying

 "I realized my mistakes, next time won't end like this." 

 "This is what I expect from all of you!" Orion said nodding with a smile. He looked at them smiling and started talking to them all.

 "Today's training had some pleasant surprises in store for me, you have made a lot of progress and many of you even made my blood flow. I'm afraid next time I'll have to face you with a practice sword.

 This training session is officially over, you can go and rest, I will welcome our guests. he said before walking towards Spartacus and his still shocked and speechless men.

 Before them came someone who had defeated a small army of talented and very strong warriors with his bare hands.

They had even forgotten why they had come to see him but deep down, everyone thanked their gods that the man in front of them was not on Rome' side because Orion was no longer a human in their eyes but a demon not to be provoked under any circumstances.

***For those who haven't figured it out yet, Orion isn't 100% human because of his mother***

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