7 Tension

"What did you say?"

"I said pervert"

They silently stare off, Jackson's ignorant smirk making Ethan's blood boil.

"Ahem...guys" Ian said blushing, it looked like the two were about to kiss and he had just ruined the moment.

Ethan steps back.

"Ian, don't trust him, let's go"

"Why is everyone saying this? Jackson is a nice guy, you all should stop being jealous and let us be" Ian says taking Jackson's hand.


"I don't want to hear it, Jackson let's go i saw an icecream stall up ahead"

The two walk away leaving Ethan there. He shot glares at Jackson's back. His hands clench into fists tightly.


Alice walked along the sea shore alone, after what happened back at the restaurant, she feels like she is wrong for doing that to her friend's boyfriend but on the other hand, she still wants Jeremy to herself.

"What am I going to do now?"


He looked at him as he ate his icecream, it's a shame a nice guy like Ian is going to be heartbroken at the end but it still needs to be done, to teach Ethan a lesson.

Ian blushed under Jackson's blazing gaze.

"W-what?" He asks. Jackson smiles at him.

"Just thinking about how lucky I am to have you, you stood up for me when you shouldn't have"

"I can't just sit down and watch them disrespect my boyf-" he covers his mouth before the words slipped out of his mouth.

"Boyfriend? I'm your boyfriend now?"

Jackson teases. Ian stayed silent turning his attention to the icecream on his hand.

"Ian...if you want to be my boyfriend then I'll glady be one"

"No no....let's not rush things....we have all the time to figure this out first"

Jackson nods at his words smiling, the fact that this was going to be easy made things more simplistic.

"Lets head back, it's getting late"



Jeremy sighed as he stood outside watching the calm waves ahead. After what happened with Alice hitting on him made him wonder if Alice likes him.

"What are you thinking about?" Vanessa asks wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Nothing, just listening to my tumtum" he says making her giggle.

"Maybe i could massage it for you?"

Jeremy turns around to face her, his lips press into hers as they shared a passionate kiss. Vanessa moans feeling his hands tightly grip on her behind.

"Should we head inside?"



She watched them from afar as they kiss and head inside the room, the lights immediately went off as soon as the balcony door was closed.

She tightly gripped her purse handle and stomped her way inside.


"Thanks for dropping me off" he says shyly. Jackson smiles.

"It's no problem, i had a great time if we exclude the interruptions"

"Same here..."

Jackson leans in for a kiss making Ian close his eyes. He smirked and their lips connected. Their lips moved in sync as Jackson deepened the kiss.

He pulls away and smiles.




Jackson opened the door to the hotel room to find it half empty, Ethan had left. He chuckles and lays in bed.

"I knew a coward like you would run away, but you forget something Ethan, we go to the same school"


"And then he kissed me goodnight, such a gentleman" he beamed.


Ian frowns, it was clear that his friend wasn't listening to him.

"And then we robbed a bank"


"And we broke Jeremy's kneecap"

"Mn....wait what?"

"You're not listening to me...what's wrong?"

"I don't think I should say"

"Did you murder someone?"


"Then I'm all ears"

She sighs and turns to face him, if she told him her intentions then would he jugde her?

"Alice...what happened? I'm getting worried"

"Promise you won't judge"

"Okay....I promise"

She takes in a deep breath and tells him everything. After she had finished Ian was pale as paper.

"You....why would you do that?"

"I liked him first so he's supposed to be mine!"

Ian was shocked, to hear that his friend would go so low just to get someone to notice her was shocking and baffling.

"If Vanessa finds out..."

"She'll what? It's not like she'd fight me"

"She'll expose you to the whole school, you have to stop"

"No way, you found your happy ending, why cant i find mine"

"Alice this is different, you're purposely wrecking a stable relationship and for what? Just to be noticed?"

"And you've been kissed by a stranger after meeting him for the first time, so don't go around pointing fingers"

"Alice! This is different, what if Jeremy doesn't like you like that, what will you do then?"

"I'll force him to like me, simple"

"Wow....just wow, Alice, you're becoming someone else"

"Well it's a good thing, I've watched Vanessa have her fun with Jeremy and now it's my turn"

"Jesus....Alice are you even hearing yourself"

"So what? Who's gonna stop me? You?"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It took you an eternity to confess to your crush and you even ended up heartbroken at some point, it's been 3 hours since you've been asked out on a date and you sit here to lecture me on relationship advice"

"Alice....take it back"

"It's the truth, it stings, deal with it"

Ian stood up and headed to the door.

"Good night Alice"


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