6 Shrimps and oysters

Ethan put his journal back into it's box and locked it. He doesn't know what was happening but he knows that Jackson was trying to do something to him and that would be done by going after what he cherishes the most....Ian."What are you up to Jackson?"


"Hey guys" she says sitting down. Vanessa sighs in disappointment.

"Alice...shouldn't you be babysitting Ian?"

"Babysitting? Isn't it our friend you're talking about?"

"He's been moody lately i thought he was on his period or something"

Jeremy puts the guitar he was tuning down on the blanket.

"Vanessa, watch your mouth"

Something sparks in Alice's heart.

"Yeah Vanessa, Ian is Jeremy's best friend, how dare you say something like that"

Vanessa was baffled.

"Sheesh, well i apologize then, i was just making a joke"

Alice smirks, now that the seed had been planted, she'll have to water it day by day for it to grow.

"Anyways, what are you guys up to?" she asks. Jeremy sighs and lays back on the blanket.

"We were just lazing around, did you plan anything fun?"

"How about we go to dinner, i bet we can have a shrimp eating competition"

Vanessa's nose scrunches up in disgust.

"I hate sea food, why not a marshmallow one"

"I like Alice's idea better, i like shrimp babe" Jeremy says. Alice beams with a smile.

"Shrimp it is, let's go"


"So this is the guy?" He asks. Ian nods softly.

"Yeah...Vince meet Jackson...Jackson, Vince" he watches them shake hands in acknowledgment.

"So what brings you here? Are you on a date or something?" Vince teases, Jackson's eyebrow twitches in annoyance.

"Uh...no we're just ha-"

"Yes, we're on a date, problem?"

Ian was shocked, the fact that Jackson was jealous made his heart race. Vince however liked that he provoked Jackson, he just wants to see if Jackson was serious about being with Ian.

"Oh really? Didn't you say you liked his friend instead"

"Vince, stop it" Ian says quietly. Vince raises a brow at him.

"Stop what? For what i can tell it seems like he heard that you have a crush on him and now he feels bad and he's trying to soothe your paining heart" he says. Jackson bangs his fist on the table catching everyone's attention.

"I suggest you leave"

"Okay, Ian let's go" Vince says pulling Ian to his feet. Ian stops him.

"Vince what are you doing?"

"I'm saving you, go with me now or get your heart broken later"

"Listen here buddy!" Jackson says raising to his feet, the waiters come to their table to try and neutralize the situation. Vince pulls Ian out of the restuarant.


The slap took him by surprise and he was shocked.

"Ian...you slapped me?"

"And i would do it again! Do you have any idea on what you just did back there? For months I've been crushing on Jackson and you come along and ruin my first date with him, why? Are you that jealous" he roared in anger. People passing by were shocked as well.

"Ian...don't you see it...he's just using you"

"Why would he do that? Can't i have a good looking guy like me for once, leave me alone"

"Ian wai-"

"No! Leave me alone!" Ian walked away leaving Vince there. Something wet and thick landed on Vince's head. It was a shrimp cocktail. Jackson smirked.

"Next time it'll be a punch to the face punk" he says and walks out heading towards Ian's direction.

Vince let the sauce flow down his face and his back as he watches Jackson's retreating figure.

"I'll steal him away, trust me"


The three of them walked down the street towards a nearby restaurant, Alice was happy to spend time with Jeremy and she wishes that if she had been honest with herself and had just asked Jeremy out then she'd be happy just like Vanessa.

"We're here" Jeremy says opening the door for the two ladies.

"Okay we'll have three jumbo shrimp cocktails and a tray of your best oysters please" Alice orders at the counter.

The three of them sit in a booth.

"So Alice...dating anyone?" Jeremy asks making Vanessa scoff.

"If she was dating someone she'd let the world know" Vanessa teases, Alice rolls her eyes.

"I don't have anyone at the moment, but who knows, maybe he'll find his way to me one day" she says. Jeremy nods.

"You'll be fine, if not we can set you up with Ethan"


The two girls laugh at his suggestion.

"What?" He asks. Alice calms down from her laughing fit.

"Ethan is gay, can't you tell?"

"Really? Maybe we can set him up with Ian"

"Ian is on a date with Jackson" Vanessa says dramatically. Jeremy looks at her with wide eyes.

"Really? When? Why didn't he tell me?"

"Easy there cowboy, it happened today and they went on their first date"

Outside the restuarant, Ian walks back to the beach house, head down in shame as he blamed himself about what happened back there, if he had kept his mouth shut and never met Vince, things wouldn't be like this.

"Ian, wait"

Jackson pulls him by the hand.

"Jackson, I'm sorry about Vince...i thought he was a nice guy until now..."

"It's okay, i could tell he was jealous, maybe he likes you"

"L-likes me?"

Jackson nods.

"Come on, let's not end this date on a bad note, let me buy you some icecream"


They walk away into a market place, Ian blushed noticing their intertwined fingers.


"Ethan, hey"

Ethan looks at their hands and his eyes darken. Jackson bit the corner of his lips to avoid smirking.

"You and Jackson huh"

"Huh? Oh yeah...he asked me out"

He nods, his eyes land on Jackson.

"Ian, why don't you go see if there's any icecream, Ethan has something to tell me "


After Ian's figure had disappeared, Ethan turned to Jackson.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Why? Jealous?"

"Jackson...this is between you and me, leave Ian out of this"

"Why? Do you think he'll know what kind of person you are?"


Their chest bump against each other, Jackson smirks.

"You make me sick" Ethan whispers in anger making Jackson scoff.

"Says the pervert"


"I win!" He beams looking at his empty dish, Alice groans wiping the sauce from her lips.

"I don't get why we're doing this, it's dumb" vanessa says.

"Boo! Captain boring" Jeremy says making Alice laugh, her foot rubs on his leg making him freeze. She winks at him.

"Um...Vanessa, let's go" he says in panic. Vanessa raises a brow.

"Why? Your tummy making noises?" She teases.

"Let's go dammit!"

"Okay okay sheesh"

She watches the couple leave and she shakes her head chuckling.

"I will get what's rightfully mine, trust me on that"

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