Sovereign Of Wrath: Rise Of The Demonic God

Author: WriterTheos
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What is Sovereign Of Wrath: Rise Of The Demonic God

Read Sovereign Of Wrath: Rise Of The Demonic God novel written by the author WriterTheos on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Important notice: This book is officially discontinued as I will be prioritizing all of my resources to my new novel: Rise Of The Realm Dominator. Feel free to check it out and add it to library if you like it. Thanks - Author. They who rule the skies rule the world, if they ask for a sign, I will reign on them until their soul knows my storming rattle! -------------------- At a time where a ginormous war which would encompass the entire universe threatened the Realm of Immortals, Zereth, one of the eight sovereigns of the Realm was betrayed and killed. Now, born into a world in the mortal realm as a mere mortal, Zereth decided the next path of his was to simply, yet ruthlessly, rule this new world of his. His cunning and genius personality aligned with his immeasurable thirst for power would allow him to break through any barrier, and eventually return to get his retribution. The legendary title belongs to no other, Sovereign of Wrath. -------------------- Bonus Chapter Goal: 100 Power Stones = 1 extra chapter. 250 Power Stones = 2 extra chapters. 500 Power Stones = 3 extra chapters. 1000 Power Stones = 4 extra chapters.

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The novel starts well but then turns to garbage with his interaction with his family. I mean, I can understand such baby behavior in normal reincarnations, but for a ruler of Wrath who does what he wants to be bothered by a woman (his mother) hundreds of years younger than him is simply incomprehensible. It's especially frustrating that such supreme beings still don't resist in such situations. Moreover, he is a ruthless ruler of Wrath. His argument is that she is actually young and inexperienced. But if you think about it for a second, you realize how absurd it is. You're a f♡♡♡ng RULER OF WRATH! Why are you following the orders of an inexperienced mortal hundreds of years younger than you?


If you want action and adventure, follow this book! The writing technique is informal, but you can easily understand how the story revolves around the characters.


I've got to say, for a fantasy novel it's got a lot of action, adventure and surprisingly drama. I read the first chapter, before you know it, I was on the fourth one. It's really driven and energetic especially in the dialogues of the main character. It was just so much to read in one sitting but not so much to overwhelm you. All in all, I enjoyed it.


The tale is simple to follow, the grammar is excellent, and the writing is excellent. I can't wait to read more of the novel since I find it to be so fascinating and enjoyable.


A very good novel to those that want an action novel! We need more chapters author. So far enjoying the reads, quality wise is also pretty good[img=update][img=update]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The story is really intruding, I wasn't planning on reading past chapter one but I couldn't get enough. The story is spot on. The author really did a good job with the book. Can't wait to see how the story goes.


The English is quite good and this is a good sign as most novels don't have that. I've read the first few chapters and I can say that it's pretty good. so 5 stars XD


Quite an interesting book. It makes you want to keep on reading. keep up the good work author!


I really like the story. .


It's a fresh story. The author's writing skills are good. Comedy is not much but it's there makes you warm up to you story. Mc is cool,and comedy character,and MC using a sword even added better feelings to me!


It is very well written, the grammar is spot on and the story is easy to follow. I find the story to be very intriguing, and I'd definitely recommend everyone try it out. Keep up the good work!


Please make the end of chapter 1 again, that's too much, always the the other parts were quite good. Chapter 1 I WAS REALY EXPECTING SO MUCH BUT TE ENDING ************'


The grammar is clean. The writing is easy to read and follow. It flows quite well, the descriptions are really well done, giving you a feel of the world. Characters are fleshed out. The first chapter gives you a solid idea of what you're in for. Good job man.


I think you're building a really wonderful world here! You have talent when it comes to descriptions and I can easily picture each scene in my head. I also appreciate all the names and how meaningful they are since they come from various mythology. It's early, but I'm interested to see what happens next. Good luck in your writing!


Very good story, very well written :) I especially liked the part where he breaks the fourth wall. The only thing that slightly disturbed me, is how you said Eros was a typical homosexual XD I know a lot of gay men, having a gay brother myself, and most don't talk like that XD But your story is great, and it's going into my library :)


Very nice writing quality! This book looks to have a lot of potential and is quite professional looking so far. Excited to see how far it goes. good luck!


The writing quality is just too good! The story itself seems really enjoyable too. Keep up the good work!👍


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