Sovereign Of The Skies

"Did I get reincarnated as... A HARPY?!" After having lived a life full of anguish, betrayal and the constant pressures of having to make his parents proud, 17 year old Simon Cavil found himself at death's door after being accidentally run over by a Truck. His blurry and lifeless eyes gazed into the skies and he saw birds flying freely in the skies above him and felt envious of their freedom. Under his dying breath he muttered: "I wish I was as free as those birds." And just like that his wish was granted, and he now found himself in a perilous fantasy world where he must either adapt or perish!

JayModii · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
118 Chs

Divine Stigma (1)

"When... Did he reach the third stage?"

Berkah whispered to himself, his eyes fixated on Ariel's knuckles covered in ice.

Berkah decided not to go in with him, so Ariel could fully enact his vengeance.

As soon as Ariel entered the clubhouse Jane's screams and pleas echoed throughout the forrest for minutes upon minutes.

There were times where her screams would die down and Berkah could here Ariel shouting at the top of his lungs only for Jane's scream to continue seconds later.

Ariel began his act of vengeance by ripping off one of Jane's arms and saying things like:

"I heard you ripped off her wings with your bare hands! How does it feel?!"

The he continued beating her senseless with his knuckles.

Jane's screams and pleas continued reverberating throughout, and soon she no longer begged for her life but instead begged for the sweet release of death.