Sovereign of the Karmic System

What would you do if you could control and use your Karma? What if your actions could be repaid right away? Not an obscure and distant promise anymore. Follow Daniel's story as he uses his karmic system to cultivate, cheat, gain and become a sovereign in his world.. and beyond.

SometimesITalk · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
689 Chs

The Secret Domain of Karma

"Dan.. champion of Karma's domain." Said Daniel after a slight and polite bow.

At the mention of an aspect of Karma, the guard looked at Daniel with respectful confusion for a few long seconds, then said while pensively raking his grizzled beard with the tip of his fingers, "Karma.. Karma.. This is the first time I have heard of it. Give me a moment, please." As he finished speaking, the guard raised the clipboard he was holding in his left hand by a few inches. This small action seemed to be enough to trigger a small formation hidden within it, which projected a massive window of light in the air, on which were written thousands of names, details, and information regarding the domains.