Sovereign of the Karmic System

What would you do if you could control and use your Karma? What if your actions could be repaid right away? Not an obscure and distant promise anymore. Follow Daniel's story as he uses his karmic system to cultivate, cheat, gain and become a sovereign in his world.. and beyond.

SometimesITalk · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
689 Chs

The Morality of War

As the date of the Exalted Assembly drew closer, Polis, the one and only city of Kosmos, filled with cultivators. The dilapidated and empty buildings had now been fully reconstructed by the champions of Horror, and given to the highest bidding domains to use as base of operation to strike merchant agreement between friendly domains.

Of these hundreds of buildings, only a few had been reserved for recreational purposes, like gamble houses, brothels, and restaurants. Virtually all of these establishments were constantly occupied by the young and talented champions of each domain, who had either painstakingly earned, inherited, or otherwise received the chance to join their domain's delegation.