Sovereign of the Karmic System

What would you do if you could control and use your Karma? What if your actions could be repaid right away? Not an obscure and distant promise anymore. Follow Daniel's story as he uses his karmic system to cultivate, cheat, gain and become a sovereign in his world.. and beyond.

SometimesITalk · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
689 Chs

The Morality of War (Part 2)

The eyes of the champion of War's domain in military uniform were the last ones to land on the Heroic figure of the man in white-gold armor, and yet, it was that very small movement that brought the most severe switch in the mood of the restaurant's dining hall.

A deafening silence took over the entire hall, leaving only the slightly hastened breath of the dozens of observing cultivators to be heard by those who had a keen hearing. After what was only an hour of peace and quiet from the last brawl, it seemed that the hopes of these several groups of cultivators were finally starting to become reality.. So, unwilling to say or do anything that could prevent that, they observed in silence.