Sovereign Conjurer: Ultimate Gacha in a Mix Anime World

Transmigrating into the body of the deceased Futarou Uesugi, being chosen to experience the ultimate gacha experience in a world with a premise similar with Solo Leveling, what's this? There are random anime characters that appear, some with the same back story, and some with completely different ones. But what could they be? Come read and find out *winky face* ... Enjoy, I'm testing out how to write a system Fic since I haven't created one, so sorry if it appears messy. Ps. If I mess something up with the system please let me know so I can fix it

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Chapter 6

[Third Person's PoV]

[7 Golden Gacha Ticket… Rolling] 

[Congratulations Host, You have received: Contracted Spirit: Puck (Legendary)] 

[Congratulations Host, You have received: A Rune Stone: Rulers Authority (Rare)] 

[Congratulations Host, You have received: A Spirit Affinity(Legendary)]

[Congratulations Host, You have received: Twilight Healing(Epic)] 

[Congratulations Host, You have received: An ODM Gear(Rare)]

[Congratulations Host, You have received: C-Rank Dungeon Key (Uncommon)]

[Congratulations Host, You have received: A Sharingan(Rare)] 

Futarou stood with his mouth wide open upon seeing what he drew, he put his hands together and looked towards the skies with tears in his eyes.

"Lady Luck, I want to thank you for your blessings. I wouldn't have made it this far without you," Futarou expressed his gratitude.

Futarou then started examining all the rewards, making him almost shed more tears of joy.

[Name: Puck]

[Type: Companion]

[Grade: SS]

[Description: A Great Spirit, from the Re:Zero universe, revered for his icy powers and unwavering loyalty. Puck wields formidable magic, capable of freezing entire landscapes with a mere flick of his paw. Despite his mischievous nature, he harbors a deep bond with his contracted partner and will stop at nothing to protect them.]

"I'm going to be so freaking OP," Futarou exclaimed with excitement.

[Name: Runestone: Ruler's Authority]

[Type: Skill Item]

[Grade: A]

[Description: The Skill named Ruler's Authority could be obtained by breaking this Runestone]

"From Solo Leveling… sick," Futarou remarked.

[Spirit Affinity]

[Type: Affinity]

[Grade: S]

[Description: Those blessed with Spirit Affinity possess a natural magnetism that draws spirits near, facilitating swift friendships and alliances. Through this connection, wielders gain access to potent spiritual abilities, including communication, summoning, and even manipulation of the spirit world itself.]

'Okay… wow,' Futarou thought.

[Name: Twilight Healing]

[Type: Sacred Gear]

[Grade: S]

[Description: A sacred artifact from the DXD Universe, bestowed by God to aid humanity against the supernatural. Bound to the wielder's soul, this artifact possesses potent healing abilities capable of restoring even supernatural creatures, who would otherwise be adversely affected by divine artifacts.]

"Mmmmhmmmm, I'm not a healer, and I don't think I'll ever be… though I could give this to Raiha, since her ability has to do with healing after all," Futarou considered.

[ODM Gear]

[Type: Equipment]

[Grade: A]

[Description: From the Attack on Titan Universe. Aerial combat gear featuring gas-powered grappling hooks and retractable blades. Enables swift traversal and precise aerial maneuvers, ideal for engaging airborne adversaries with speed and versatility.]

"Where the heck am I even going to use this…" Futarou pondered.

[Dungeon Key (C Rank)]

[Type: Item]

[Grade: C]

[Description: A sturdy key imbued with the essence of a C rank dungeon. Used to unlock the entrance to dungeons of moderate difficulty, granting access to adventurers seeking challenges and treasures within.]

Futarou's expression turned a little uneasy, "Isn't that a little too high of a grade to start my first-ever Dungeon experience… well, no pain, no gain as they say."

"And now the most awaited…

[Sharingan - One Tomoe]

[Type: Ability]

[Grade: B]

[Description: The Sharingan - One Tomoe operates on mana rather than chakra. Users gain heightened visual perception, limited precognition, and improved illusion proficiency. While not as potent as higher forms, it lays the foundation for mastering this ocular ability."

"Although it's a 1 tomoe, I'm definitely not complaining. With enough training… wait, the problem with Mangekyo Sharingan and the Blindness, that's definitely going to become a problem later down the line… sigh," Futarou contemplated.

After sighing, Futarou decided to open up all the remaining tickets to get it over with.

[Spending 4 silver tickets and 2 Bronze…]

[Congratulations Host, From the silver ticket, You have received: ¥100,000 (Common)] (A/N: $660)

[Congratulations Host, From the silver ticket, You have received: A bag of Senzu Beans [Rare]

[Congratulations Host, From the silver ticket, You have received: A Storage Ring (Uncommon)]

[Congratulations Host, From the silver ticket, You have received: F-rank Dungeon Key (Common)]

[Congratulations Host, From the Bronze ticket, You have received: Spider-Man's web shooter(common)]

[Congratulations Host, From the Bronze ticket, You have received: ¥1,000,000(Common)] (A/N: $6,611)

"Well, that was kind of disappointing… I honestly expected more. Well, even though the dungeon key is an F rank, at least it's still a Dungeon key so I can't complain. Now then, in what order to open these with… I'll, of course, start with Sharingan," Futarou decided.

As soon as Futarou clicked the Sharingan, pain assaulted his eyes, he was about to scream before he planted his face on the bed and grabbed his face, his muffled screaming was heard inside the room, luckily for him they didn't escape his room. 

He let out a sigh of relief when the pain stopped, when he looked up he blinked for a few seconds before wiping his eyes, blood was staining his hand, causing him to sigh before sneaking in the bathroom and washing his face. 

He looked at himself in the mirror and activated his Sharingan, his eyes quickly turned blood red, a single black comma was seen on each eye. He at first smirked before his eyes widened. He saw his mana around him like an aura glowing slightly in a beautiful blue color. 

"I see so instead of seeing Chakra, I see mana… Wait, does that mean I'm going to be able to copy any magic I see in the future. That's so fucking OP." 

After admiring himself and the Sharingan in the mirror for a few seconds, Futarou accept the spirit affinity, as he did he closed his eyes as he felt a warmness spreading throughout his soul, which made him unconsciously moan. 

He covered his move in embarrassment and looked around making sure no one heard him before sighing of relief when he realized he was in the bathroom. 

"Just wow, what a feeling" 

He shook his head to get rid of the after effects, and pulled out the Rune Stone from his inventory before squishing it.

[Name: Ruler's Authority] 

[Type: Skill]

[Grade: A]

[Description: No Mana required. You can control objects without touching them.]


"Now to get Puck it's best to do it away from the house, in the meantime I'll start opening the skill books I received from the quest…" 

"Well let's start with the A rank…" Futarou muttered pulling out a skill book, he said yes when asked if he wanted to learn it and information on how to activate said skill appeared in his head. 

[Name: Spirit Fusion]

[Type: Axillary skill] 

[Grade: A] 

[Description: Allows the user to merge with a powerful spirit entity, combining their strengths and abilities for a limited time.] 

He raised an eyebrow at the skill and looked at the system suspiciously for a few seconds but didn't say anything else and summoned another A rank skillbook. 

[Name: Mana Barrier] 

[Type: Defense skill] 

[Grade: A]

[Description: Surrounds the user with a barrier of condensed mana, serving as a protective shield against magical attacks and spells. The strength of the Barrier is dependent on how much mana the user is willing to spend] 

"Now then for my first S rank skill… I've been in this world for 5 months, and I say a S rank skill after all this time is well deserved" 

[Name: Rasengan]

[Type: active skill] 

[Grade: S]

[Description: Created by the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and later perfected by Naruto Uzumaki, Rasengan is a concentrated sphere of Mana formed in the palm of the user's hand. Despite its seemingly straightforward nature, Rasengan possesses incredible destructive potential, capable of pulverizing targets with immense force upon contact. Its adaptability allows the user to enhance its size, speed, and even imbue it with elemental attributes, making Rasengan a versatile and formidable weapon.]

'Are you serious? What the fuck is this shit… I don't know how to honestly feel about this, what does my status screen even look like right now' 

[Name: Futarou Uesugi]

[Age: 15]

[Level: 6]

[Exp: 0/2,100]

[Hp: 10,000/10,000]

[Mp: 15,000/15,000]

[Strength: 150]

[Vitality: 100]

[Agility: 85]

[Intelligence: 150]

[Senses: 85]

[SP: 0]

[Gacha Tickets: 0]

[Abilities: Hypercognition, Summoning, Sharingan] 

[Summoning contracts: N/A]


Basic: Piercing Thrust(C), Mana Bullet(C), Ruler's Authority(A), Spirit Fusion(A), Mana Barrier(A), Rasengan(S)

Intermediate: Crescent Slash (D), Swift Stride(C)

Advance: Spearmanship(B)] 

Futarou looked at his Status screen in confusion, "Where's my Spirit Affinity?" He asked the system. 

[Affinities are a different type of power that isn't an ability or skill so it isn't view on the status screen] 

Futarou nodded at the explanation before exiting the bathroom, psyching himself up for the conversation with his dad. He found his dad watching the news about Guilds and took a deep breath before making his request.

"Please let me be away from home for a week," Futarou asked, bowing his head.

"Are you crazy?" His dad responded, raising a brow. "Why the heck would I let you be all alone away from home for a week where anything can happen?"

Futarou continued to explain, keeping his head down. "As you are aware, I've been training for the past months, but there's a reason for that. I've had a second awakening."

Isanari's eyes widened upon hearing the news, but Futarou pressed on. "Due to this, I first started to train my physical strength to an acceptable level. Now it's time I train that ability… and to do so, I have to be in a secluded spot away from people. So please allow me the chance to be away from home for a week."

Isanari rubbed his face, contemplating. "Tell me, what is this ability you've gained that you feel like you need to be away from people to train?"

"I gained a Summoning ability. I feel if I summon something dangerous, it's best to keep it away from people," Futarou explained, still bowing.

Isanari let out a sigh. "Since you're going to a hunters academy in a few months, I should at least have some practice having you away from the house. Fine, I'll allow it, but only for a week. Any more than that, and I'll be throwing a search party to find you. You got it, young man?"

"Yes, sir!" Futarou replied, standing up straight and giving him a military salute.

With permission granted, Futarou happily walked into his room and started packing for his week-long journey.…