Sovereign Conjurer: Ultimate Gacha in a Mix Anime World

Transmigrating into the body of the deceased Futarou Uesugi, being chosen to experience the ultimate gacha experience in a world with a premise similar with Solo Leveling, what's this? There are random anime characters that appear, some with the same back story, and some with completely different ones. But what could they be? Come read and find out *winky face* ... Enjoy, I'm testing out how to write a system Fic since I haven't created one, so sorry if it appears messy. Ps. If I mess something up with the system please let me know so I can fix it

Shadow_D_Monarch3 · Anime & Comics
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62 Chs

Chapter 46

[Third Person's PoV]

Futarou's expression disappeared, replaced by a stoic look that seemed to reveal his true nature beneath the facade.

He glanced at his system and reviewed the perks gained while following Scáthach down towards the training facility.


[500 Strength Perk]

[Perk Name: "Might of the Titan"]

[Effect: Unleash the full potential of your strength, amplifying your physical abilities to extraordinary levels.]

[600 Strength Perk]

[Perk Name: "Colossal Rampage"]

[Effect: Unleash devastating attacks with unstoppable force, obliterating obstacles and foes alike.]

[600 Vitality Perk]

[Perk Name: "Eternal Resilience"]

[Effect: Attain an unbreakable vitality that grants longevity and rapid recovery.]

[600 Agility Perk]

[Perk Name: "Phantom Dance"]

[Effect: Master the art of evasion, weaving through attacks like a ghost and striking with deadly precision.]

[600 Intelligence Perk]

[Perk Name: "Ethereal Resonance"]

[Effect: Attune to the harmonies of mana, enhancing spellcasting and mana manipulation.]

[700 Intelligence Perk]

[Perk Name: "Multifaceted Cognition"]

[Effect: Divide and process thoughts simultaneously across multiple cognitive streams.]

[500 Sense Perk]

[Perk Name: "Primal Instincts"]

[Effect: Tap into primal senses, gaining heightened intuition and animal-like awareness.]

[600 Sense Perk]

[Perk Name: "Mystic Insight"]

[Effect: Gain profound mystical awareness, perceiving energies and phenomena beyond the physical realm.]

They soon arrived underground in a vast, empty white room that seemed to expand limitlessly, appearing without end in both width and length, due to Scáthach enchanting the room with her runes.

Scáthach wielded her spear around her before pointing towards Futarou, nodding her head in acknowledgment of Futarou's serious demeanor.

Futarou took Chastiefol and twirled it before assuming a fighting stance, positioning himself with a wider stance and placing Chastiefol under his armpit, pointing downward.

The two stared stoically at one another for a few seconds before they both disappeared in a blur from where they stood.

Both thrust their spears forward, causing them to touch tips and create a great gale that ruffled their hair.

They wielded their spears against each other, sparks flying with each strike, each wielding their weapons with lethal intent, aiming for the head, throat, or heart.

A red glow surrounded Scáthach's body, while Futarou gained a golden aura.

They left a trail of light as they moved throughout the empty space, continuing their fight for hours on end, with Scáthach initially having the advantage over Futarou.

However, slowly the advantage shifted as Futarou improved with every move, something that Scáthach came to enjoy.

Futarou backed away and started rotating his spear at an impossible speed, creating a cyclone of cutting force around him, making it nearly impossible to approach him.

Scáthach increased her thrusting speed, seamlessly penetrating the cyclone. As she closed in on Futarou, he took a step back, causing her to impale the floor and create an explosion that dissipated the cyclone.

Futarou jumped into the air to dodge and promptly kicked the air, gaining momentum as he dropped down.

Twisting his spear, Futarou dove, causing the air around it to distort due to its power.

Scáthach immediately assumed a defensive position with her spear as Futarou's attack landed on the pole of her spear, creating a power struggle between them.

The ground beneath Scáthach started breaking under the strain of their actions.

Scáthach grabbed Futarou's arm and threw him to the ground with great force, but instead of being stunned, Futarou immediately counterattacked without hesitation.

He snaked his arms around one of her legs, lifted one of his legs, wrapped it around her stomach, and slammed her into the ground.

Scáthach looked at the tip of Chastiefol, which was a centimeter away from her eye, and smirked.

Futarou, pressing his body against hers, felt Scáthach's spear pressing against his neck, causing him to gain a smirk of his own.

"You have gotten better," Scáthach praised.

"Naturally," Futarou replied with a smile.

"So how long are you going to continue pressing your hardened sexual organ against my body?" Scáthach asked with a deadpan expression.

Futarou didn't look ashamed in the slightest. "Sorry, couldn't help it, especially with such a beautiful woman pinned down under me."

Scáthach immediately reversed their positions with a move of her own, pressing the staff of her spear against his neck while she sat on his stomach. "Who's pinned under who now?" she asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

Futarou continued to smile before willing Chastiefol to turn into a pillow and go underneath his head. He put his hands underneath his head and teased, "This position isn't so bad either."

Futarou and Scáthach stared into each other's eyes, both sensing the tension building up between them.

Scáthach then blushed as she felt Futarou's hard-on pressing against her butt. She got off of him, shaking her head.

"Now then, let's continue our lessons on Runes. You've started getting the hang of it, but it could still use some improvements. Create a Fire Rune for me," she instructed, regaining her professionalism, which caused Futarou to let out a disappointed sigh before returning to normal.

He sat on top of Chastiefol and gathered Mana at the tips of his two fingers. In a blur, Futarou drew the Kanji for Fire and threw it towards the floor.

From the Rune, a giant pillar of bright red fire swirled upwards.

"Again," Scáthach instructed, with a hand on her chin as she studied Futarou's every move.

Futarou repeated the process, and another pillar was created.

"What did I teach you about Runes?" Scáthach asked.

"That intentions and imagery of what I want the Runes to do are very important," Futarou replied.

Scáthach nodded. "So why are you only adding the intentions towards the end?"

Upon hearing her question, Futarou immediately realized what he was doing wrong.

He redrew the rune, but this time he infused his intentions with every stroke of his fingers. Futarou threw the Runes on the ground.

As he did, a blue pillar of flames was created, reaching even greater height and covering a wider range.

Futarou saw his Rune skills go from basic to intermediate.

Scáthach stared at the Runes in complete surprise, a large grin on her face. "How are they so powerful? Before long, if we compete in making Runes, mine would have the desired effects, but his… his would be at the next level," Scáthach thought, feeling the intensity of the flames.

'Before, I wanted to create a strong warrior, a warrior that would rival me, a warrior that would grant me an ultimate final battle and put an end to my service of guarding the Land of Shadows.

But who would have thought I would have been summoned to a whole different reality. In this reality, there's no Holy Grail war, no Land of Shadows… and no way to return.

My connection to it has been completely severed from the Throne of Heroes, something I failed to realize due to him, due to his shining potential. His limitless potential blinded me to the fact that my connection to the Land of Shadows was disconnected.

Although the desire to create a strong warrior that could rival or even surpass me hasn't disappeared, I want to see how far he's going to grow, how strong he's going to get. I've only been training him for a month, and look at how fast he's taken to runes.'

As the rising blue fire ended, Scáthach looked towards Futarou with a possessive glint in her eyes, which sent a shiver down Futarou's spine.