Sovereign Conjurer: Ultimate Gacha in a Mix Anime World

Transmigrating into the body of the deceased Futarou Uesugi, being chosen to experience the ultimate gacha experience in a world with a premise similar with Solo Leveling, what's this? There are random anime characters that appear, some with the same back story, and some with completely different ones. But what could they be? Come read and find out *winky face* ... Enjoy, I'm testing out how to write a system Fic since I haven't created one, so sorry if it appears messy. Ps. If I mess something up with the system please let me know so I can fix it

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Chapter 44

[Third Person's PoV] 

Futarou was surprised to see Miku. 'Who would have thought I would meet her here? I thought I would have met her at the Academy a week from now, like in normal reunions that happen in anime.'

Realizing Miku was injured, Futarou took out his grimoire and started healing her injuries using a recovery spell.

"Thank you," Miku sighed softly.

Futarou nodded and held out his hand, helping her up, which she accepted. 

He then winked and raised a finger. "Just a moment."

Futarou turned around and threw his spear, breaking the sound barrier and ripping through the heads of the Cyclops.

He disappeared from where he stood, reappearing in front of another Cyclops with cold eyes before delivering a punch, causing its head to spin off its neck.

Chastiefol flew through the streets independently as Futarou controlled it, earning him Experience Points (Exp).

Futarou then looked towards the Gates where the Cyclops were spilling out from. 

He glanced at Kanna on his shoulder, who had been with him and the others for over a month.

"Kanna, want to do the honors?" 

Kanna smiled and nodded, her tail sparking with electricity as she took a deep breath.

Like a plasma cannon, a beam of electricity shot from her mouth, obliterating the line of Cyclops exiting and turning them into ashes.

Even though they were A-rank monsters, they stood no chance against the breath of a dragon.

Kanna looked at their ashes smugly, which along with Chastiefol, ended the horde of monsters. Just then, an even bigger figure emerged, followed by two heads.

Futarou detected that it was the dungeon boss, a two-headed Cyclops breathing fire.

Unintimidated, Futarou smiled and called forth Chastiefol in his hands, pointing it forward as he levitated in the air.

He held his spear in front and raised his other hand. The two-headed Cyclops charged towards him with bloodlust.

"Room, Shambles!"

The corpse of the Cyclops disappeared and switched places with the two-headed one. Confused, it felt pain in its chest, then coughed up blood, finding Futarou's spear lodged there with Futarou smiling in front of him.

Hunters started appearing, but they arrived too late. They watched in amazement as ice spread from where Futarou had stabbed the monster, encasing it before it shattered into pieces.

[50,000 Exp]

[Level up]

Futarou quickly opened his status screen upon seeing that.

[Name: Futarou Uesugi]

[Titles: Dragon Slayer, Dungeon Conqueror II, Dragon Tamer…click to see more]

[Divine Protection: Training Mastery]

[Age: 15]

[Level: 64]

[Exp: 7,900/687,500]

[HP: 672,000/672,000] (sealed: 100,000) 

[MP: 726,000/726,000] (Sealed: 100,000)

[Strength: 639] +1 (Sealed: 100) 

[Vitality: 672] +1 (Sealed: 100)

[Agility: 688] +1 (Sealed: 100)

[Intelligence: 738] +1 (Sealed: 100)

[Senses: 659] +1 (Sealed: 100)

[SP: 10]

[Gacha Tickets: 43 Silver Tickets]

[Abilities: Hypercognition, Summoning, Sharingan, Synthesis, Water Bending, OFA, Hito Hito No Mi: Nika, Ope Ope No Mi,]

[Summoning contracts: Puck, Orion, Paimon, Tohru, Voltara, Kanna, Eevee, Scáthach, Grayfia]


[Basic: Runes (E), Mana Arts (SS+), Sword King (S+)]

[Intermediate: Elemental Archmage(-),]

[Advance: Illusions(A), Martial Artist (A+)]

[Mastered: Ruler's Authority(S), Spear Emperor (SS+), Spirit Fusion(S)]

[Perks: Click to see more]

One of the Hunters, whom Futarou detected as an S rank, and assumed was a guild master, looked at Futarou with a questioning look.

"What are you doing, kid? Do you even have your hunter's license to be out here doing this?"

He tried to sound concerned, but Futarou detected the greed in his voice as he glanced around at the piles of bodies with Mana Stones.

Futarou ignored him, closed his eyes, and slowly lifted the rubble off the injured people.

He then pulled out his grimoire once more and activated an Area Heal buff spell, bringing some of them back from the brink of death.

They all looked towards Futarou with gratitude, some still crying due to grief as Futarou wasn't able to bring back the dead.

The S rank hunter, a tall man with black hair, eyes, and a thick beard wearing black knight armor, looked irritated at being ignored.

"Oi, I'm talking to you!"

"Just what do you want? I'm kind of busy at the moment," Futarou said, not wanting to deal with this interruption.

"Show some respect, boy. I'm an S rank–"

Futarou was already walking away when he heard how it started off, he then felt a hand on his shoulder and sensed Mana spiking up. Reacting swiftly, he grabbed the arm and performed a Judo throw, cracking the ground due to the force.

"I just eliminated an entire dungeon break all on my own, something I doubt you could ever possibly do. Do you truly want to test me?" Futarou's golden eyes glowed, his lightning mark started glowing blue as he began to undo his seal, exposing his true strength.

Feeling the suffocating pressure, fear and dread gripped the S rank hunter's heart. 

"Don't try anything stupid." Futarou warned

Futarou released his arm and started walking away. He willed Chastiefol to his back and strolled with his hands on his shorts towards Miku, who was looking for her phone after picking up her headphones.

"Yo! Miku, it's been a while," Futarou said with a smile, before quickly appraising her 

[Name: Miku Nakano]

[Age: 15] 

[Rank: A] 

[Abilities: Sonic Manipulation, Quintessential Synergy] 

[Name: Sonic Manipulation] (A/N: She was traumatized, and wasn't thinking clearly. Which is why she didn't use it) 

[Rank: A] 

[Description: Sonic Manipulation - Miku can control sound waves, creating powerful sonic blasts, intricate auditory illusions, and enhancing her own hearing for detection and communication] 

[Name: Quintessential Synergy]

[Rank: S] 

[Description: When the quintuplets join forces and synchronize their thoughts and emotions, they unlock the power of their ability. It allows them to create a harmonious aura that enhances their individual strengths and abilities. While united, they gain heightened perception, coordination, and synergy, enabling them to perform incredible feats that surpass their individual capabilities, also grants them access to a shared pool of energy,] 

Miku nodded. "And you're alive…"

"Am I not supposed to be?" Futarou asked in confusion.

Miku shook her head. "I…We… we all thought you died that day… we didn't hear if you survived or not, so we all assumed the worst."

Futarou smiled sadly. "Well, I would have truly died that day… if it wasn't for my mother. She gave up her life buying me time to get away until help arrived. What about you guys? Did you all make it out alright?"

Miku held a hand to her mouth, surprised to hear that. "I'm sorry that happened."

Futarou waved it off. "It's all in the past."

Miku nodded before smiling softly. "Thanks to you, we all managed to get out okay. A little traumatized, but all good."

"That's good," Futarou smiled. "What about what recently just happened? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine… for the most part. You don't have to worry," Miku said a little apprehensively.

Kanna then tugged his cheek. "You're going to be late… she doesn't like it when you're late."

Futarou's eyes widened. 'Oh no, I'm sure if I explain myself, Master would understand… right?'

Futarou apologized, "Sorry, I have somewhere to be right now. It was nice seeing you again, and I'm glad you're okay. Now bye."

Futarou turned around and started running but stopped and looked back. Miku was holding onto his arm, which was now stretched out.

Miku looked at it with widened eyes and her mouth agape. As she released his hand, it snapped back into place, causing Futarou to lean back slightly due to the recoil.

"What's wrong?" Futarou asked.

It took a moment for Miku to compose herself, and when she did, she stretched out her cracked phone while bowing her head. "I wanted your phone number to thank you properly and so we can keep in touch."

Futarou smiled. "Sure." He inserted his number and called his own phone so he had hers saved before handing her back her phone.

After passing her the phone, Futarou apologized once more before leaving behind a dust trail as his hands and legs blurred.

Miku coughed as she swiped the dust from her face. She then felt her phone buzz and saw the caller ID: Glutton, causing her to smile once more.

As she picked it up, Itsuki's alarmed voice appeared, "MIKU, ARE YOU ALRIGHT!? Please tell me you're alright!?" She cried.

"I'm fine, I'm okay. In fact, I'm better than okay… you guys couldn't guess who I just ran into just now," Miku replied.

It took Itsuki a few seconds before asking in a puzzled tone, "Miku? Are you smiling right now?"

"Huh?" Miku touched her face before continuing to lightly smile. "I guess I am."


A/N: I will write about his new skills in the next chapter. It wouldn't make sense to write about It now.