Sovereign Conjurer: Ultimate Gacha in a Mix Anime World

Transmigrating into the body of the deceased Futarou Uesugi, being chosen to experience the ultimate gacha experience in a world with a premise similar with Solo Leveling, what's this? There are random anime characters that appear, some with the same back story, and some with completely different ones. But what could they be? Come read and find out *winky face* ... Enjoy, I'm testing out how to write a system Fic since I haven't created one, so sorry if it appears messy. Ps. If I mess something up with the system please let me know so I can fix it

Shadow_D_Monarch3 · Anime & Comics
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62 Chs

Chapter 3

[First Person's PoV] 

I was in shock as I felt tears streaming down my face. 'These aren't my emotions, are they? They're the original Futarou Uesugi's emotions: the pain of losing his mother, watching his father fight a deep depression, making sure his sister was alright, and planning out his future... Damn, and I thought my emotions were supposed to be kept in check.'

[The Host's current emotions were simply too high to be kept in check. If we suppressed them further, it would have been detrimental and would have caused harm to the Host, which goes against one of the main functions of the system... ensuring the Host's safety.]

'Now, because of these emotions, I'm starting to see them as a family... Since I'm in this body, I know what I have to do.'

I closed my eyes and put a hand near my chest. "You can leave your family to me. I'll make sure they're all alright and taken care of. I know you died unexpectedly, but I hope you can rest in peace."

'Thank you...'

My eyes snapped open in shock as I heard the whispers and felt myself feeling lighter and calmer.

[Congratulations, Host, on completing a hidden quest.]

[Hidden Quest: Ensure the original Futarou Uesugi manages to pass away peacefully and without regrets.]

[Reward: +5 levels, 10 SP, 10 Bronze Tickets, 5 silver tickets.]

After wiping away my tears, I took a deep breath to gather my bearings before claiming the reward.

[You've leveled up!]

[You've leveled up!]

[You've leveled up!]

[You've leveled up!]

[You've leveled up!]

As I kept leveling up, I felt myself becoming slightly better... healthier, so to say. To check, I pulled up my status screen and examined it.


[Name: Futarou Uesugi]

[Age: 15]

[Level: 6]

[Exp: 0/2,100]

[HP: 1,200/1,200]

[MP: 2,000/2,000]

[Strength: 14]

[Vitality: 12]

[Agility: 14]

[Intelligence: 20]

[Senses: 14]

[SP: 15]

[Gacha Tickets: 20 Bronze, 6 silver tickets]

[Abilities: Hypercognition, Summoning]

[Summoning contracts: N/A]

[Skills: N/A]


'I see, it's because my Vitality went up, so every time I level up, all my stats go up by one, and I get 1 SP for it... So, should I save my SP for when I need it or just use it now?' I thought with a pondering look.

'Well, it's not like I'm going to be fighting anything soon, so it's better to save them. In the meantime, I think it's best to focus on the whole point of the system... the Gacha. Tell me more about it,' I commanded the A.I. of the system.

[Certainly, Host. As you complete quests and challenges that the system presents to you, you receive tickets, which you can use in a Gacha.]

[The tickets go in the order of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond.]

[Upon use, you have a chance to receive items/abilities ranging from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.]

'Based on my memories, the items in the world range from F-SSS+, so how would they correlate, and what's the percentage of each ticket getting what?'

[Common: F, E]

[Uncommon: D, C]

[Rare: B, A]

[Epic: S]

[Legendary: SS]

'Hmm? Why isn't SSS+ in there? Is that like something I have to unlock, or like something I'm not allowed to have yet?' I silently thought to myself as the A.I. continued.

[Bronze Ticket:

 - Common: 60%

 - Uncommon: 25%

 - Rare: 10%

 - Epic: 5%

 - Legendary: 0%]

[Silver Ticket:

 - Common: 40%

 - Uncommon: 30%

 - Rare: 18%

 - Epic: 10%

 - Legendary: 2%]

[Gold Ticket:

 - Common: 30%

 - Uncommon: 30%

 - Rare: 20%

 - Epic:15%

 - Legendary: 5%]

[Platinum Ticket:

 - Common: 20%

 - Uncommon: 25%

 - Rare: 25%

 - Epic: 20%

 - Legendary: 10%]

[Diamond Ticket:

 - Common: 10%

 - Uncommon: 15%

 - Rare: 30%

 - Epic: 30%

 - Legendary: 15%]

'I see. Let's start small, use 10 Bronze Gacha Tickets.'

[Certainly... spending 10 Bronze Tickets...]

[Congratulations, Host, you have received: Health Potion (Common)]

[Congratulations, Host, you have received: Health Potion (Common)]

[Congratulations, Host, you have received: Spear: Pyro Pike (Uncommon)]

[Congratulations, Host, you have received: ¥50,000 (Common)]

[Congratulations, Host, you have received: Stamina Potion (Common)] 

[Congratulations Host, You have received: Iron Sword (Common)]

[Congratulations Host, You have received: Iron Spear (Common)]

[Congratulations Host, You have received: An Antidote (Common)]

[Congratulations Host, You have received: Grayfia's used underwear (Rare)]

"Wait a fucking minute! What the fuck is that!!!" I couldn't help but shout as I couldn't even believe what I was seeing.

The system didn't respond as it continued to read out what was drawn from the Gacha.

[Congratulations Host, You have received: Basic Leather Gloves (Common)]

[Congratulations Host, You have received: Mana Potion (Uncommon)]

After it was done, I heard knocking on the door, "Onii-chan…? Are you alright? I heard screaming in there."

'That should be Raiha, this body… my now little sister.'


"Uhhh, Yeah, sorry about that Raiha. I saw a bug and freaked out," I said, coming up with a convenient lie on the spot.

"Are you sure?" She asked through the door.


"Okay…" She replied, sounding unconvinced before walking away.

I let out a sigh of relief before glaring at the system in front of me, 'Now once more, what the hell is even that?'

[I'm unsure of the Host's inquiries; could the Host please elaborate?]

'Why the hell are Grayfia's panties a part of the Gacha, and why the fuck are they a rare item?'

[I think I can understand where the confusion stems from. Due to the Host's haste upon wanting to spend the tickets, it didn't give me a chance to explain the fundamentals of the system.]

'Are you seriously being sassy with me right now?'

[I have no idea what the Host means; my full program is to help and support the Host in all his endeavors.]

'Just get on with it,' I couldn't help but let out a sigh of frustration.

[All items and abilities that the Host draws are sourced from across the Omniverse. Some coincidentally originate from anime, movies, or TV shows that the Host has seen and is familiar with, while others hail from worlds entirely unknown to the Host.]

"How could I have been so unlucky then…" I muttered to myself.

[I beg to differ Host; getting a Rare Item on your first try with a Bronze Ticket is what I would consider getting lucky.]

'Now that you mention being lucky, why are there 11 drawn items instead of the 10?'

[Upon using 10 tickets at once, you are entitled to one more of the same grade for free.]

I nodded my head in understanding before opening up my inventory and checking all the items I have gotten.

'Do you have an appraisal option, where I can view the description of these items?'


I locked my gaze towards the health potion and read the description.

[Name: Health Potion]

[Grade: Common]

[Type: Consumable]

[Description: A humble elixir brewed from natural ingredients. Restores the consumer's health by 30%.]

'Eh, could be better,' I thought before focusing my attention on the Uncommon-graded Spear I drew.

[Name: Pyro Pike]

[Grade: Uncommon]

[Type: Weapon]

[Description: Crafted by skilled blacksmiths using techniques passed down through generations, the Pyro Pike channels the elemental power of fire to scorch foes on the battlefield.]

[Attributes: Fire Burst: The spearhead is infused with fire magic, causing it to ignite upon impact and deal additional fire damage to enemies.

Searing Strike: Grants a 10% chance to burn enemies with each successful hit, causing them to take damage over time.]

I reached into my inventory and pulled out the Spear as I held it in my hands. I started running my hands through the design.

The Pyro Pike boasts a sturdy iron shaft with intricate flame-shaped engravings running along its length. The spearhead is crafted from gleaming red-hot metal, radiating intense heat and flickering flames.

"I think I fell in love with it…" I muttered, still enjoying the design.

'This is it… I have decided to become a Spear user' I nodded with determination before returning the Spear back into my inventory. 

'Then there's the ¥50,000 which should be about $360. It's good to know I get money, with this I could just say I got a job and use that money to make sure Raiha and my new Father could at least eat well' 

'Then the stamina potion which restores my stamina by 30%, an Iron sword which increases the users attack by 10%, the same with the Iron Spear, which i could use as a practice tool, an Antidote that cures the consumers of common use poison, skip the panties to last' 

[Name: Basic Leather Gloves] 

[Grade: Common]

[Type: Equipment] 

[Description: These gloves are crafted from simple, weathered leather and offer basic protection for the wearer's hands. While they may lack the finesse and durability of more advanced gear, they are a practical choice for adventurers just starting their journey] 

[Attributes: Basic Defense: Provides a slight increase to the wearer's defense stats.

Flexibility: Despite their age, the leather remains supple, allowing for unhindered movement and dexterity.] 

[Name: Mana Potion] 

[Grade: Uncommon] 

[Type: Consumable] 

[Description: Restores the consumers MP by 50%] 

"Now for the one I'm most dreading to read." 

[Name: Grafia's used Panties] 

[Grade: Rare] 

[Type: Equipment] 

[Description: The used underwear of Grayfia Lucifuge, known by many as the Strongest Queen, who also happens to have a particular Maid Fetish, she is known as the wife of the man that holds the title of Lucifer.] 

[Attributes: Frost Affinity: Enhances the wearer's connection to ice magic, increasing the effectiveness of ice-based abilities.

Frostbite Resistance: Provides a significant resistance to frostbite and freezing effects, reducing their duration and impact.

Royal Authority: Grants bonuses to leadership, diplomacy, and persuasion skills, allowing the queen to command respect and rally allies.

Infernal Resilience: Possesses a heightened resistance to infernal energies and dark magics, granting enhanced durability against attacks from demonic sources.] 


"I think I'm going to go and cry myself to sleep now" 

After a few minutes of me crying my eyes out on the unfairness of the world I focus on an Item I received from the starter pack and didn't view it earlier. 

[Name: Swift Stride] 

[Grade: F]

[Type: Skill Book] 

[Description: Grants a brief burst of speed, allowing the caster to move faster for a short duration.] 

As I pulled out the skill book from my inventory I get a notification, 

[Would you like to learn the F grade skill: Swift Stride] 


As soon as I answered instructions on how to use it appeared inside my brain, it almost felt as if it was ingrained in there. 

'Status screen' 

[Name: Futarou Uesugi]

[Age: 15]

[Level: 6]

[Exp: 0/2,100]

[Hp: 1,200/1,200]

[Mp: 2,000/2,000]

[Strength: 14]

[Vitality: 12]

[Agility: 14]

[Intelligence: 20]

[Senses: 14]

[SP: 15]

[Gacha Tickets: 10 Bronze, 6 silver tickets ]

[Abilities: Hypercognition, Summoning] 

[Summoning contracts: N/A]

[Skills: Basic: Swift Stride(F)] 

'Why does it say basic?'

[Skills are categorized into your proficiency in utilizing them, they are categorized as basic, intermediate, advanced, expert, Master.] 

'I think I understand… Now use–' 

[Wait, before the Host uses all his tickets, might I recommend something?] 

'Go on' 

[There's something else, upon saving up 10 tickets apart of spending them up and getting an extra draw, there is also the option to combine then and get a higher grade ticket] 

[For example: should the Host save 10 Bronze Tickets, he can turn those 10 tickets into a silver one, and if he saves 10 silver one he would be able to upgrade it to a golden one] 

"I see and how do I get more tickets" 

[Completing Quests are the most optimal choice] 

Without even being asked the system pulled up a quest. 

[Daily quest:

-0/100 (sit ups)

-0/100 (push ups)

-0/100 (squats)

-RUN (0/10KM) ]

[Rewards: 5+ stat points (SP), Full recovery, 1 Bronze Gacha Ticket] 

[Failure: Penalty decided by the system] 

I couldn't help and sighed once more for the billionth time today. 'I'm going to grow bald aren't I'