Southern Fried Spies Book

novel - LGBT+

Southern Fried Spies

J.D. Ryan

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Cold War, hot spies, y'all. Vincent and Kolya are back -- in the Deep South. They must protect a brilliant chemist and his family while the man completes the new formula he's promised to sell to T.H.R.U.S.T.<br><br>The assignment should have been a piece of pecan pie, but F.I.S.T. has its eye on the formula, and the local rednecks take exception to a bunch of Damn Yankees moving into their territory. Can the two spies keep the family safe? Will the doctor's two precocious children sabotage the whole assignment?<br><br>And what about Vincent and Kolya's new relationship? This is their first assignment since they made the decision to move in together. Can they cope with the strain of the job ... and the humidity? Or will their new romance be put on the back burner along with the grits and collard greens?