Southern City Awaits The Moon's Return Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Southern City Awaits The Moon's Return

Young Master Yan

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Shen Yugui found herself waking up in the bed of S City's most eligible bachelor with his arm around her waist, but she only had her mother's words in her mind. 'Make sure nobody finds out you're disguised as your sister,' she told her, looking at the fake birthmark drawn with makeup on her remaining daughter's face. 'You have to get Mr. Fei to marry you, everything we have depends on it!' she said. It was a shame, for the man beside him closely resembled the man she'd lost many years ago. Fei Nancheng's favor with women was notoriously hard to gain, but in a drunken stupor, he crawled under the sheets with the woman beside her, enticed by memory of someone he'd lost long ago that this woman resembled. However, she never had a birthmark. It could never be her. Was their encounter coincidental? What would their hidden past reveal!? Join Shen Yugui on her exciting journey of courtship and political espionage as she steps into the shoes of her twin sister's now abandoned life and tries to save her family by winning the heart of the mysterious bachelor, Fei Nancheng!