Souls in Teyvat

Kenshin is a boy who doesn't have a Gnosis. He doesn't have the ability to rewind time when he dies. He doesn't have memories of another world. He definitely, DEFINITELY, doesn't have a system. To be fair, he doesn't even have a Vision. And yet, even he has something that makes him unique. He can see souls. NOT A FIGHTING FIC, WEAK MC. You are advised, don't complain later. No NTR or yuri, just so you know. I own nothing from this work, as there is no brain behind it. The image is, obviously an AI generated one from wallhaven. I still don't know how the copyright works, so well, if the AI sends a message to me, I suppose I will have to take it down. Lastly, Patreon, Yes, just my name. patreon.com/ARandomMob But I recommend you to just wait for the chapters, I won't keep anything locked behind a paywall.

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A romantic talk.

Another year passed, and I'm 9 years old.

I grew up a bit, I still didn't reach the chest of an average adult, but I was close. My black hair was still short, and my purple eyes had been growing even shinier. Every single year they grew more brilliant the more I trained my ability. I knew that my eyes were related to my ability, but maybe my eyes were my ability in itself.

My work at the Shogunate was easy, just listened to things and pointed out when a lie was called. The first times I couldn't shut up, but after a few times the guys started speaking a lot less and giving vague statements. So now they had met for hours and nothing was really said.

The Shogun realized this, at least I hope, but she was ready to stay sitting for hours. The other guys suffered a lot.

And now I'm lazing around, lying on the floor while waiting for yet another meeting to start.

"Kenshin, pay attention to your manners" I opened m eyes to see the angry face of a girl with short black hair and golden eyes.

"Sara, I'm disappointed" I said while stretching.

"W-Why?" she said a little nervous. She didn't have friends and I'm the only person her age she could talk to, so anything I said that implied something negative about her made her feel extremely nervous.

"After all this time, I thought you realized that I don't have those" I smirked at her.

"Kenshin!" she shouted in indignation.

"Come on, don't sulk. Why don't we go this weekend to do something fun" I suggested, knowing her answer.

"I can't I need to train" she said firmly, but she looked at the ground, showing her sadness.

She was being trained to serve in the army. The Shogun was impressed by her talent and she was being groomed to be the General, or whatever it's called.

"I see, then I will have fun in your place too" I smirked.

"Thank you" she thanked me with a nod.

I can't deal with her. She is too serious and doesn't get even the simplest of jokes.

We quickly entered the room, and I prepared myself for a 4 hours meeting where absolutely nothing was going to be said, only useless yapping.


"Aahh, that was boring" I stretched while leaving the room, making everyone look at me. Except the Shogun of course, who stayed in the room like always. When does she have a shower?

"What are you all looking at?" I snarked at them. "If you all said something instead of making useless statements only so I don't catch you, we would have resolved something. Tomorrow we will need to have the exact same meeting, and I don't think it's going to be any more useful". These guys are wasting my time and then glare at me.

They averted their eyes. I learned this year that politics in Inazuma were full of corruption.

Everyone here had dirty hands, except Aunt Kayo, of course, she was perfect. And she bribes me with cookies.

"Kenshin-sama". Outside the building, a little girl in a miko outfit was waiting for me with a respectful expression.

"Gentlemen and bastards, here is where I leave. I have something USEFUL to do after all. Goodbye" I waved at them before following the miko.


"Sara" Kujou Takayuki, the head of the Kujou Clan beckoned his adopted daughter.

"Yes, father" Sara approached, afraid of not being allowed to speak with Kenshin.

"Stay close to him" Takayuki instructed, watching Kenshin leave while talking animatedly with the trainee. "He is far more capable than what he lets on".

"Yes" Sara nodded, feeling guilty about spying on Kenshin. Not aware that there was nothing to spy on, he is as dumb as he appears to be.


"Kenshin-sama, can you tell me more about Liyue" the little girl, Kuki Shinobu, asked me with a bright expression.

"Of course little Cookie" I nodded, teasing her.

"Mouu, you said it wrong again. It's Kuki, not Cookie" she pouted. What an adorable creature.

"My bad Kuki, I just came out of a meeting with the Shogun and I was tired".

"That's amazing, how was she?" she asked with an interested smile.

"Boring, as always". It's the truth, she just stays there immobile, just opening her eyes when I call out a lie, which scares everyone in there, except me of course. They remember how that asshole died.

"You can't say that" Kuki shook her head. "Mom says that if you insult someone the God of Eternity will punish you".

"The only person I'm afraid of is my mother". That's also the truth.

"Not even Guuji-sama?" she asked in wonder.

"Are you scared of her?" she nodded. "I will teach you a spell that will make her stop being scary".


"Of course, my little Cookie. When she is being mean or scary, you only need to say: the Slapping Baby sends his regards"

"The Slapping Baby?" she asked. Wait, why is she scared? "My mom told me that if I am not a good girl the Slapping Baby will curse me".

I can feel a vein popping in my head. What is her family teaching her?

We finally arrived at the shrine, where Yae was waiting for me, ready to depart.

"Are you ready Kenshin?" she asked, more out of habit.

"As always. It's Tatarasuna again?" I wondered.


Nothing more needed to be said, and we departed.

The amount of curses and ghosts this last year increased a lot, and the shrine was working at full capacity. After a few mikos were possessed, Yae arrived at the conclusion that only he could seal them. Well, only me.

Yae could too, but I reached the point where I was far better than Yae at sealing. She knew a lot more about rituals, but I'm the seal master. So we go to the place in question, I seal and she protects me. Sometimes there are ronin or magical arrays I have no idea how to deal with.

"How was the meeting?" she asked disinterestedly.

"Boring as always" I replied the same I always did. "And no, I don't regret helping Aunt Kayo and Ayato. But it's just that..." I hesitated, not knowing how to express my thoughts.

"Just say it, you were never one to think much anyway" she said with a teasing smile.

"Haah, it's just that seeing the country I love being dirtied by this political savagery is infuriating. I studied a bit, and the amount of fallen families is staggering. I can't help but wonder if all of them were murderers. It's extremely sad".

"They probably were" Yae admitted. She had a whole ninja squad under her, so it's no wonder she knew more than everybody else. Even the Shogun. Just thinking about her makes my blood boil.

"What's wrong? Thinking about my dear friend again?" she asked with a smirk.

"I can't understand how can someone be so bad at leading. The only reason she is still in power is because of the reverence the people has for her, and her ability to murder you in a fraction of a second. She just stays there and listens to obviously fabricated information with a straight face. I don't know if she's stupid or just doesn't care".

"She has her circumstances" Yae grimaced.

"And we are paying for it. The other day I saw a soldier, a SOLDIER, robbing a merchant from Mondstadt in the middle of the day. Those guys are dumb, but if it happens to someone from Liyue, we will starve. We need Liyue to survive, and some dumbasses are risking that relationship".

Yae didn't answer, but I sensed her sadness, so I continued.

"But again, I'm only a child, and I am not aware of everything your dear friend has gone through, so I can't judge her" I explained. Maybe after I grow up I can learn more about this whole mystery.

Yae couldn't say anything to that. "We have arrived".

As always, I see the ghost, seal him, and we go back.

"Yae, is a war going to start?" I asked her. Some rebels from Watatsumi want to start a war. Some stupid shit like an independence declaration.

"Probably, they don't want to be a part of Inazuma any longer" she nodded.

"Are they...idiots?" I asked. "They can't grow food, and it's very dangerous to arrive at Watatsumi by sea, you need to walk or the currents will drag you to the bottom of the sea"

Yae shrugged her shoulders. "Kenshin, it's good for you to be aware of your surroundings, but you need to enjoy your childhood. Let us adults take take of this" she said while looking at me seriously.

"Then why am I in a better position to convince the Shogun that you?. You know it's true, you are respected because of your position, but aside from that nobody will listen to you. Even I don't".

"You little-"

"Ouch, stop teasing me woman, you won't marry ever if you keep doing this"

"Oho, are you sure?. I receive a lot of proposals you know?. Maybe I will have to accept one" she said smiling lightly.

"Good luck. You won't marry someone who doesn't know of your nature, and that only leaves 2 people, me and your 'dear friend'. Maybe I will take pity on you" I gave her a mocking look. I'm not marrying this woman ever.

She clenched her teeth, but then smiled at me again, making me wary.

"Have you found a little sweetheart? You are not at that age yet, but you have always been a precocious child. Is someone making your little heart flutter?" she smirked at me.

"Not really". If you want to be embarrassed, you need to wait a few lives. "The only women I have contact with are the girls at the shrine, you, Aunt Kayo, the Shogun, Sara, Ayaka and my mom" I said while counting. "Leaving aside the mikos, whose sneaky eyes are always revealing my movements to you, there are only 6. 6? That's sad". Better not count the guys, I only meet Ayato and my Dad frequently. "From those 6 you need to obviously count out Aunt Kayo, Ayaka, and my mom. That only leaves you, Sara and the Shogun" I said, counting again.

Yae was stupefied. "You have a lot of courage, why are you counting me and Ei in that list?".

"You are a woman not related to me by blood, you are not a kid like Ayaka and you are unmarried. Why shouldn't I?" I asked her, not understanding her confusion.

"Kenshin, I am almost 600 years old" she said bitterly. "And Ei is way older than me, she is around 2000 years old".

"I still don't understand how that is a counterargument to what I said"

"Kenshin, the age difference between us is too big" she explained.

"Why are you talking like I proposed to you? Your ego is the size of the Shogun's idiocy" I scoffed. "Then, suppose you want to marry. Are any guys of your age around? There are Adeptus in Liyue, but they are old. Old like old people, like to read and bask in the sun. I don't see you enjoying that".

"...." she was silent for a while. "No, I wouldn't".

"Of course you wouldn't. That's why you need to pick a human as there are no other alternatives, and as you said, this human, boy or girl, must know about your furry nature. Who fulfils those conditions?" I asked her with a mocking grin, but Yae was too distracted to realize it.

"You" she said and fell silent. Now I will feel bad if I mock her.

'Guizhong help. Tell me how to mock her without incurring her anger'. There is still my trusted friend Guizhong.

'Kenshin, it's a sensitive thing for her. I'm lucky in that sense because I have Morax that has similar conditions to mine. But she doesn't'

'That why I-'.

"Kenshin" Yae's voice sounded again, making me look at her. "How would you solve the problem of my lifespan?. I will have to bury my lover, no matter what. Wouldn't it be better not to love anyone in the first place?".

"How would I know? I still feel nauseous when I see a kiss in the mouth" I shrugged. Yae looked disappointed, so I continued. "But if I had to say something..." I thought for a while.

"Yes?" Yae hurried me. What's with her? She is never this sincere or open about these things, but I guess she also wants to find love. As disgusting as it sounds.

"It's like Aunt Kayo. If I asked her now, 'do you regret marrying your dead husband?', I know she would say no. Because what she already got is way more important than what she lost with his death". Hmm, that sounds right.

Yae fell silent contemplating something. Does she still don't understand?

"Summarizing, you need to enjoy your married life so much that it will eclipse everything you may lose. You will live for a looong time, so you will need to have a looooot of fun and make a lot of memories so you won't regret it for the rest of your life. Do you understand now? You are a bit dumb sometimes".

She looked pensive like she didn't hear me. She didn't even react to my insult.

'Guizhong help me, she is being weird'.

'Can't you shut up? Let her think, this is a personal thing for her'.

'But then I will get bored'

'I would worry about other things right now. Like this little girl'

'Are you that old that you can call her a little girl? And why should I worry about her?'.

'No. You should worry about yourself'.

'Guizhong, I think your IQ is receding, just like your chance to see Morax again'.


'I don't know, I need to mock someone and Yae is out right now'

"Hmmm" I woke up just to see Yae staring at me.

"What are you doing?" asked wryly Yae when I started looking around.

"I felt a shiver and don't know why" I replied.

Yae had a dark face all of a sudden, but as if remembering something she was happy again. What a weird woman.

"Why is the Shogun on your list then?".

"Same, she is a woman, is older than me, we are not related, she is unmarried and she looks young" I listed my conditions. I think I'm a relatively open guy.

"Do you like older women?" Yae asked me with curiosity.

'Yes, why do you like older women?'. Did Guizhong like this kind of love talk?

"I don't like anybody. It's just that I can't see myself marrying a woman the same age. Out of everyone my age I know, only Ayato and Sara are people I feel comfortable with, the rest are a bit childish. The other day I saw 2 kids that had my age lifting some skirts. Tell me, am I supposed to find that kind of person attractive?" I said wryly. I'm working for the Shogun, while kids my age are eating their snot and finding it tasty.

"Indeed" Yae nodded.

"Ah" I remembered something, making Yae look at me again. "But I'm not sure the Shogun should be on that list. She is not human after all"

"You mean that she is a God?" Yae asked, but her face said that she knew something.

"No you dumb woman, if that's what I meant I wouldn't have put her on the list. I think her body is somehow fabricated. I thought her soul was shaped like a sword, but a while ago I realized that her soul is actually INSIDE the sword"

"Heeh, you are a smart one. Maybe you can ask her for a body for your sealed friend" she teased me.

It wasn't a surprise she knew about Guizhong, Guizhong herself told me they met.

"No, I can't do that" I rejected that offer.

'Why?' "Why?". They asked at the same time.

"Because Guizhong wants a family, and I don't think a puppet like that can carry a child. I saw all the important moments of her life, and I knew that at some point she wanted to start a family. I will look for other ways to make her gain a body she can reach her dreams with". I promised her I would make her reunite with Morax, and I will do it right. Taking this shortcut can be nice, but the 'what if' will always remain.

'Kenshin....'. That's right Guizhong, feel indebted to me and give me more blueprints. She gave me some, but right now I can't use them. Money won't resolve my problems and attracting attention will make me look bad in the Shogun's eyes. Those blueprints are too amazing to be done by a 9-year-old brat like me.

"The girl that will marry you will be a lucky one" Yae commented, but her eyes were looking far away.

"Hmmm, maybe that's an option. I can seduce the Shogun and make her delete that stupid Kujou lord". I was kidding of course. Of course.

"Hahaha, you?. A little runt wants to seduce SOMETHING?!. And even the Shogun, ahaha".

"Dumb woman, I was joking. I don't want to go out of my way to do such a bothersome thing. Of course, if she asks I will take care of the both of them" I smugly said.

"The puppet has no feelings, you are going to be waiting for a while, ahaha" Yae was still laughing.

This woman, I will remember this. Vengeance will be mine.

'As she said, stop dreaming Kenshin. Pfff, seeing how annoying you are, the only thing that will stand you are your clothes. You will get annoyed by yourself if you look in a mirror for too long'.

Guizhong you trait-. Wait that's probably true.

I can annoy even myself.

"Haaah, I had a good laugh. Then the last one is Sara. Same reasons I guess?" she asked, but her eyes had a certain glint that I wasn't able to identify.

"Yes. But she has blind faith in authority, and that's a huge minus. She is a good girl, but shy and strict, but she is not going to end well. Kujou Takayuki is obviously bad news. But anyway, that's it. I'm still 9, I'm sure there is enough time for me to find someone. There is also no rule saying I need to marry. maybe when the time comes I will be more comfortable alone. Who knows?".

What I didn't say is that I still need to find a solution for the hilichurl curse. If it's really that dangerous, maybe having a lover or even a wife will put them in danger. I will wait and see.

"But enough of that. Have you ever shared a hot kiss with your 'dear friend'?".

"....." she looked at me like I was crazy.

"What?. I saw your books, and a few were about that, girls kissing each other and all that".

"Did you enter my room?"

"Of course not, why look so angry? I picked up a package in the shrine and I accidentally opened it and accidentally read every book. So don't avoid the question. If you never thought about that, why was there a book about 'yuri' I think was called?".

"You brat. I always read everything my publishing house is going to sell to check if there are some weird things"

"Oh. And did that book sell well".

"It was the best seller. I still don't know why".

"The sex scenes were great"

"Why do you know about that?".

"Yae, we live in a shrine. Around 80% of the slips the people tie on that rope with the hope of fulfilling them are lewd. And there are some heavy ones. I saw one that said that feet we-".

"Stop. I want to be able to wear sandals comfortably".

"But I still don't understand something. A few years ago I saw 2 guys kissing, is that normal?"

"There are people with different tastes. Why, does it sound weird to you?".

"I never saw it before, but I need those guys to propagate their tastes more I think".

"I'm almost afraid to ask. Why do you say that?".

"They are not only not competing for women's attention with me, they are even taking another guy with them".



This is not a fighting fic, but as I said before, the MC will have some fighting powers. What about a teaser?

The Resistance felt their silhouettes being covered in shadow, and looked up. Only to scream in fear.

A huge mass of incandescent molten rock approached them, eclipsing the sun and dispersing the few white clouds.

And it was growing bigger the more it approached.

Even Kokomi couldn't process what this meant.

As the meteor approached, wind started appearing, and the closer the huge rock was the stronger it became.

Soon, the Resistance had to grab to the ground to avoid being blown away by the intense wind, now resembling a hurricane.

"Stop!" Kokomi shouted, trying to be heard under the wind and the crackling sound the meteor was making in its approach.

I know it's short, but that's why it's a teaser.

That's from chapter 100, and I won't be able to fight any fights until this point.

I never intended to introduce new fights even late in the fic aside from a few ones I already planned.

But if you like it, I can try to introduce some. Of course, it's only a question, of you want or not. I will not make Kenshin fight an eldritch god and ruin the fic. If I try and can think of a way to introduce fights with some sense, I will. If I can't, even if 99% of the people want me to, I won't.

I can't write something I don't like after all, but I'm interested in your opinion.

Yes, I want fights against the Heavenly Principles and Cthulhu and All for One and the.....you get it, you want fights even if they are stupid.

Yes, I want fights, but only if they make sense.

No, I think this kind of stupid fic should be stupid until the end.

Fuck you author. (Also an option)

That's all thanks.

I will deal with the romance slowly and there is a few arcs before that, I don't plan on establishing relationships while Kenshin is 9, obviously.

Also, as of chapter 100, I have finally arrived to the events depicted in the game.

Timezones are weird in webnovel, so I will post en extra today in my own timezone, I have a packed day tomorrow.

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