1 1.) Information

Name: Raven Storm Swan-Black

Age: 23

Height: 5'7 (same as Gandalf)


Bold, brave, protective, loyal, strong will, sweet, kind, caring, can be mean


Animals, drawing, music, her guitar, the night sky, running thru the woods, helping those in need


How Bella treats their father, fakes, haters, bullies, evil, traitors, vampires, orcs, wargs






Charlie Swan---Father (Alive)

Luna Black--- mother (passed)

Bella Swan---Half-sister

Renee Swan---ex-Stepmother


Born on a rare Cloudy day in a town called Forks was a daughter of a man named Charlie Swan who was Sheriff and a women name Luna Black who was an elder of the tribe that lives in La Push along with her brother Billy, the child Name was Raven Storm Swan-Black who was born at healthy weight and height but what worries everyone was the marking she was born with and anyone who didn't know better would think it was a tattoo instead of a birthmark. But sadly the little girl lost her mother to compilations but she had her father who raised her with the help of her uncle Billy and some friends till she was 6 and that was when her father meets a woman by the name of Renee who turns out to be Raven less favorite person since the women couldn't even be called an adult with the way she acted but she made Raven father happy, but sadly that did not last since she left after giving birth to Bella. Which ended up with Raven hating the women and later her Half-sister which was a difficult task in it safe since she tries not to have any hate in her life.


On Raven, she has a Raven across her chest with an ax in it talons that have Thorin name in his language

on Thorin, he has a wolf showing to the moon with a feather behind its ear with Raven name on it



Wolf Form Height:

In Twilight she starts at 6 foot then her wolf grows so she 12 feet

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