Soulbound Book

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BL,angst,emotions, murders, enormous misunderstandings, obsessed love, possessiveness. "Xian ge, we are not just soulmates but Soulbound. You will find me everywhere you will go, your heart will let you know I am there. Your body will feel my presence in every part of you, as every cell of your body has me in it. Your soul will shout hard, to find itself because it will never be able to distinguish itself from my soul, Xian ge. I am within you and you are in me, My Soulbound." *** A nation's young idol Jun was in love with Xian since the day he opened his eyes as an infant but does his Xian feel the same? Jun stayed away from Xian for ten years because of complicated circumstances but every day became stronger to fight against the world but when Xian decided not to come with him what way was left for him? Jun tried hard to convince Xian but he always turned him down but Jun was determined to take what was his, so he fought with his soulmate, to make him soulbound because he knew that Xian faught for his good. It was Xian's fault that he pushed his Jun to the dead end. What he could have done when he was thinking about only Jun's life? Xian was in delusion that he was saving his love's life by keeping Jun away from him. Xian realized that he was at fault but when he saw Jun dying everyday he almost died of heartache but before he could do anything his Jun realised the dilemma of Xian and at the end everything went out of Xian hands. The journey which Jun wanted to do with Xian, Xian also wanted to do with his Jun at the end but will God really forgive him for everything he did and give blessings to him to live his life with his Jun or will he see him dying in his arms? Want to know their story? Please read the book and find the answer! I hope to make you feel good by this book. It is just a try of a mediocre writer so bear with me,my mistakes in writing. Beaware explicit mature contents,emotional drama. Enjoy reading and send me blessings.