469 Vol7 Ch7: Miserable world

Translator: La0o9

No matter what kind of status they have, everyone must go outside once every weekend.


Catho stood outside the cathedral, closely observing this structure of worship for the God Eldridge.


According to the constitutions of the New Royas Kingdom, every citizen of New Royas must come to the cathedral and pay their respects at least once during the weekend. Even someone with a physical handicap must carry a simple effigy of God with them and make simple prayers.


Regardless of whether or not they honestly worshipped Eldridge, this was written as part of the New Royas Kingdom's law. Aristocrats were allowed to not go as often but they couldn't skip it entirely, otherwise, the local council would condemn them.


If the infraction was severe, they could be stripped of their aristocratic status, if not, then a heavy fine would be issued until they had no choice but to go.



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