204 Vol3 Ch4: Precious

Translator: La0o9

The ball made the town very lively, completely unlike the silence it had in daily life.

The ball was hosted in front of the Sun Shadow cathedral, at the very center of the town. It was built on relatively high ground, so there were a total of three large squares that were set up like steps of a stair, with the smallest one at the very top, right in front of the cathedral.

The second square was situated at the side of the hill, which formed an enclosure around the entire cathedral.

And the third square was naturally the largest, situated at the foot of the hill. Even as the largest square of the church at the very bottom, it was still taller than the residential district, which clearly showed the influence of the church and religion in this area. Apparently, there was no concept of a country in this world, only the various areas that were under the direct jurisdiction of the cities they house, so it made sense for the church to become the highest authority.


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