190 Vol2 Ch88: Your name is somewhat an eyesore

Translator: La0o9

This dragon might have had some relations with the Interkam kingdom's ancestors, which meant that Negary and this dragon could be considered to be close relatives.

All dragons were capable of infusing their information and will within their own bloodline, this was the true nature of the dragon's bloodline inheritance.

While this dragon that Negary hunted was able to move his entire [Origin] into his blood while maintaining a vitality-filled facade to wrestle against Negary.

At another location, a stream of golden blood had just broken through the ground and infused itself into the body of a snake.

『 That damned traitor, causing me to lose so much 』the dragon Idain begrudgingly cursed. His belief was that his noble dragon bloodline was his everything, and so the [Origin] ability he awakened was one focused on his blood.


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