122 Vol2 Ch20: Uncrowned

Translator: La0o9

Negary suddenly frowned as a huge amount of Disaster appeared in his perception.

That Disasforce carried a strong feeling of impact and destruction, as well as a sensation of heat.

There was only one person in the 6th domain with this kind of Disasforce, the man called Disaster King Apophis, Fang Ze.

〖 This should be our first meeting 〗

As Negary left the D.E.R division building, he immediately saw the young man stepping out of the car.

A mass of Disasforce was constantly surging and flowing around his body, apparently, after half a month of adapting, he was now able to derive and control his own Disasforce.

A layer of Disasforce was clinging to the surface of his body, making it so that any attack that reached him would be destroyed by his Disasforce.


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