88 Vol1 Ch88: The ‘Ghouls’ of Sacred Valley

Translator: La0o9

"The Sacred Valley is a group of Assassins" Alkors muttered the information he collected.

"For the sake of a certain belief, they assassinate people all over the world, not hesitating to even throw their lives away for it"

"Anyone unfortunate enough to become their target would be killed regardless of means or price" Alkors scowled as he continued: "These people are simply lunatics. Their targets included nobles, merchants, adventurers and even kings"

"What's their purpose?" Nala asked, riding on the horse.

"Because they have the Black Abyss trait!" Alkors sighed: "No matter who that person is, even if they were a doctor who had saved countless lives, even if they were a wise monarch, as long as they possessed the Black Abyss trait, Sacred Valley will kill them"


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